To All Overweight Women

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randi - October 12

hi im not yet in my third. im only 20 weeks i weighed 190 before pregnancy and now weigh 199 im not yet showing i was woundering when most of you started showing and how much did you weigh


swtpea - October 12

I was 195 before, and although I was about 2 mo along before I found out I was pregnant, My weight came on pretty fast. I am now 28wks and weigh 237 =o/ YIKES, but there's a few factors that play into it as well. NO one believes that I could have put on that much weight, even a nutritionist i went to see, ... she up'd my starting weight to 220lbs, ... lol.*shrugs* Anyways, when I was only 2 1/2 mo pregnant, I had people asking already. SCARED me though, i thought maybe I was further along than the doctors thought. BUT it is all dependant on each one person. I was overweight to begin with, i'm only 5'7", but the majority of my weight was in my legs/hip area to begin with, I really did have a "flat" tummy and an in shape upper body, so muscle played a roll in my weight. ((I have had so many comments on how "strange" my body structure is... so if its hard to understand its okay)). NOW at 28 wks, my tummy is HUGE. I have comments from people/customers where I work saying I am going to have a big baby, or those that dont ask the due date first... make comments like so when in November are you due, (my EDD is Jan 5th). LoL. So my tummy has grown a lot and fairly fast. This is my first, and it has been quite the experience.


l - October 12

i weighed around 215 before i got pregnant now im 32 weeks and weigh 265! i am so depresed abotu it and cant wait to give birth and recover so i can start losing it, or working on it..people now dont even notice that im pregnant although my stomach is hard and round, people are wierd.. and its annoying but everyone is different, i dont think anyone will ever know i am pregnant up to the date of my deliviery.


randi - October 12

thank you im so worried i wont show. my tummy is hard when i lay down and some nights exstreamly hard but when im up its a little hard not much i hope i show soon. i want to so bad. when most of you started to show was it one morning you woke up and pop your out their or was it a little at a time


OW - October 12

Hi i was 200 lbs when i got pregnant, then lost to 194lbs and now i weight 217, i am just bout in my 30th week...i started showing really early with this baby...if u really want to start showing wear a maternity shirt with an empire waist and low and behold ...look u r showing :) !!!


LIz. G. - October 12

Randi, I was weight the same as you before I got pregnant, 190lbs- now I'm 30 weeks and weight 210. I've only gained 20 lbs so far.... started showing like after 23 weeks I think..... good luck!!


Mary - October 12

I was 240 and now I am 250 at 38 weeks. My doctors are not concerned as the baby has grown nicely. Everyone is different. Oh I have gained 5 lbs (I am now 255) in this last week, I forgot about that! :)


karlie - October 12

hey girls! I was 205 pre-baby. And like swtpea, I am mostly muscle, not too "big" anyway, (mostly top heavy) well, I was a bit sick, more nauseous than anything, so I didnt eat a whole lot early on. at each Drs apt, I kept going down in weight,,, Dr said that was fine, because the baby was getting what he needed no matter what, he would just take my extra storage. Anyway, I went down to 190 before I started to go back up. Now Im 195. so Officially im negative 10 pounds total right now. I am in my 33rd week. My bump is deffinately a pregnant bump. I feel just fat sometimes, but my husband rea__sures me that I look pregnant whenever I complian, then every once in while I'll catch myself the right way in the mirror and it catches me off guard. It is so cool. Like you, I couldnt wait to start showing. I know i felt him kick for the first time around were you are now, I think 19 weeks actually, but I didnt have a noticable preggo belly until probably 24-25 weeks. It all just depends on body type and how you are carrying. Like I said Im having a boy, and true to the wives tales, I am all belly. Im carrying right out front and I actually look thinner everywhere else, which makes sense because of my weight issues. But I love it, because when he comes out I will loose all his weight and the placenta and stuff, so then I will be even more negative than when I started!! But I still have 6 1/2 weeks left so who knows what may happen, but I have been at 195 for like three weeks now. Sorry Im so winded, I just love talking about my experiences! Talk to you all later!


shelley - October 12

i started at 266 but lost some i got down to 263 then 265 and i went to the dr today and i am up to 269 and friday i will be 31 weeks so i have gained a total of 3 lbs so far. i started to wear maturnity was at 5 months my clothes got to wear i could not wear them, i have been lucky with my other pregnancy's also on my weight my son i gained 33 lbs and my 2nd i gained 16 lbs you could always tell i was pregnant i always gain weight in my stomach no where else thank god so every one is diffrent, so hopefully i will be lucky again and loose all my weight 2 weeks after the baby is born so do not worry i am sure you will look pregnant soon enough so just enjoy the experience and good luck!


kah - October 12

I was 194 when I found out I was pregnant, I am now 28 weeks and weigh about 215. I went to maternity clothes about 14 weeks because the waists were driving me nuts. I actually started showing around 21 weeks, but to me I just looked fat! But now it is quite obvious I am pregnant and look like I am carrying a beach ball under my shirt!! Cant believe I have 12 more weeks, I am going to have a HUGE belly... and if only I could stop eating bakery items, I wouldnt be gaining so much weight!!!! UGH!


randi - October 12

i guess ill start showing around 25 weeks. i hope! i get an ultrasound done next wed. i hope i get to find out what im having. my husband doesnt have to work so hell get to be their and my mom too. i did a free gender chart and it says boy. Ill be happy either way as long as my babys healthy. have any of you women had any proublems so far? Also did any of yall hear on the news a women layed her baby on its back like most docyors say to do and the babys head went flat and brain didnt develope right the baby now has to wear a helmet, i dont know how to lay my baby now. i think ill lay he/she on its side. i bpray for all you women and your unborn children, good luck and God bless


jaime - October 12

I was 200 before my pregnancy and and now at 28 weeks and have only gained 9 pounds so I think that when you are over weight it is normal not to gain as much weight and not to show as much, plus my b___st have gotten so big they overshadow my stomach lol


bump - October 13



J - October 14

I was 174 when I found out I was preg. and now I'm 192 at 30 weeks.


jennifer - October 14

Hi randi, don't worry you sound normal to me. at the beginning of my 3rd trimester I had only gained 8 pounds my entire pregnancy, and it wasn't from starving myself or anything, this girl eats! Then from 27 weeks to 30 weeks I gained 13 pounds! When the time comes your body will gain what your baby needs just eat healthy and indulge every once in a while. My best friend is also pregnant and only gained 9 pounds entering her 3rd trimester and just came from the Dr. yesterday she gained 8 pounds just this month. I started out at 163 and am now 184



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