To All The FTM S

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pregnantjackie - September 29

I am a first time mom and wanted to share some things that were nice to have and others that were unecessary, IMO.,..things that were lifesaving was: a boppy, sterilizer (saves the time of boiling), a steam bottle warmer and cooler (saves the time of going to the fridge and warming milk in the middle of the night) kiddopotamus swaddlemes (baby sleeps so much better), sleep gowns (for those midnight changings, you don't have to unsnap anything), baby carseat that doubles up as a carrier, a cosleeper (I couldn't imagine going to his nursery every time he wakes up) medela PIS br___t pump (works quick and good) babybjorn active carrier (it is the only way I can get stuff done and offers great lumbar support) pampers swaddlers (every other diaper leaked) and a baby bath with head support what was a waste of money: diaperchamp (if you are br___tfeeding, the diapers don't really smell and a stepcan would be SO much easier) wipewarmer (if it's really cold just add warm water to the wipes, but we keep our house 68-72 degrees. baby shoes (they don't stay on, are a hassle to get on, and he doesn't need them....but they sure are cute when ppl visit) this is just my opinion but hope it helps.


Ashley86 - September 30

Thanks! I'm a first timer and it's helpful to know while I'm still pregnant what I will need for the baby =) We're gonna tie up our baby shopping in the next couple of weeks so this is great timing i can add these to the listof things still needed. The only thing I had on my lit from this was a pump! I also need to remember BREAST PADS! A g/f of mine justhad a baby and said she goes through those like crazy!


pregnantjackie - September 30

Oh, another one...cloth diapers make better burp cloths than anything. If you are buying b___st pads you might want to consider getting the reusable lily padz. They are great and don't show through your clothes like the disposable makes you look like you stuff, haha :-/...also, if you are considering the medela PIS advanced, you may notice they sell for 319$ in stores...I got mine at worldwidesurgical (dot) com for 225 bucks, big discount.



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