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3babies - May 10

Hi AML, I was just reading your post on another thread about your blood pressure. I dont want to alarm you, but your doctor really needs to know about your blood pressure, especially combined with the swelling. These are signs of pre-eclampsia. The disease can progress very quickly and seriously in some people, threatening both the mum and baby. Again I am not saying this to scare you, but you really need to be seen by your doctor. Your blood pressure is too high. If he cant see you, go to the hospital, at least they can re-check your pressure and check your urine. If you arent familiar with some of the more sinister signs of pre-eclampsia the pre-eclampsia foundation has a very thorough website. Good luck!


AML - May 16

Thanks for your concern. i did go to the dr. and my BP was still high and my swelling was worse. He took me off of work and I had to do a 24 hour urine collection. I went back to the drs. two days later (after resting) and my BP was down and almost normal and so was my swelling....They didnt have the results back yet from my urine but they said if anything was not normal then they would call me over the far they havent called and I go back this week. I am feeling so much better too....swelling and BP have stayed down since I have been off of work. They didnt put me on bedrest but I am supposed to rest often...and I do believe me! It's nice to have a reason to lay around all day long! It sucks that I am off of work so early but i'm dealing with it!


3babies - May 17

Hi AML, I'm really glad that you are responding well to the rest! I know it's really hard but it's worth it! When I read my post it sounds so alarmist but I had high bp with my first, and he ended up being born at 35 weeks by emergency c/s as my placenta was shutting down due to the high bp. I knew beforehand about the bp but had no idea that I had deteriorated or that the baby was in danger ... I actually felt fine. It just scares me because they told me that if our bubs hadnt been delivered when he was he could have died, my placenta was in terrible condition. It sounds like you are in really good hands though ... this is my third pregnancy with high bp, and I think as long as your doctors are aware of it they can tend to head off any problems. Good luck, and enjoy all that rest (before your little bundle is here!)



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