To Early To Try

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BabyGirl - April 11

Hey! Im 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant and just wondering if you all think it is too early to try to bring labour on. By this i mean trying the old wivetales out... like eating pinapple... s_x,walking etc. All the natural stuff. Is this wrong of me to start? Cause im thinking about picking up some pinapple, having lots of s_x and cleaning alot to see if i can jump start this. Im only 1cm right now and the doctor said she is still high up there!


Jewell24 - April 11

I'd wait until your 37 & a half weeks a least probably 38+. I was in a room with a lady that had her baby at 37 weeks and he had to be monitored over night because of his heart, he was fine by morning though. The nurse said he actted premi with the nursing too. They said sometimes at 37 weeks they act fine like a full term baby other times they act premi. I'd take it safe and wait it out a while longer.


kh - April 11

I'd wait until at least 37 weeks before intentionally trying to bring on labor too, but I don't really think those things you mentioned will bring on labor until the baby is ready anyway. There is nothing harmful about natural things that you'd do anyway, so I'd say go for it. I'm the same way--38 weeks and can't wait to get this show on the road!!!


Mom2b - April 11

I'd wait also. I know at times it if frustrating to just wait. But no matter how much you try, your baby will come when s/he is ready. You can do lots of walking and s_x right now. From what I've been told, it will help once you actually do start labor.


meme - April 11

You don't know if your baby comes right now if he or she would be only five pounds (whether your doc guesstimates the weight or not). You can't know if he or she is ready to come. Let your baby's lungs mature. Let him or her pick the due date. This will be over before you know it. I'm approaching 39 weeks and still not trying walking, having s_x, or drinking raspberry tea on a regular basis. I might start taking evening primrose oil in the week after, but even that I'm not sure.


ash2 - April 11

i just talked to a lady that had her baby at 34 weeks and her baby was only 4 pounds. the baby had to stay in the hospital for 13 days........... just a thought


BabyGirl - April 11

well yeah thats why her baby had to stay in the hospital becuase she had it at 34 weeks. Im term now so i dont see how that relates to me.


Steph - April 11

Your not term at 36 weeks 5 days. "Term" is considered 38-42 weeks. That's a margin of plus or minus two weeks of the 280 days that a normal pregnancy is estimated to be. Let your baby come when she's ready.


bean - April 11

There is absolutely nothing you can do to bring labor on if the baby isn't ready to come. If you hear that walking, s_x, pineapple, castor oil, etc work - they only work so much as to help labor progress once the baby is ready. So go ahead! I eat pineapple nearly daily (baby LOVES it), walk 2 miles every day, and continue to have s_x. I'm 38 weeks and not even started to dilate yet. S_x and walking is good for you and will make labor easier, so I've been told.


kats - April 11

hi my first baby was born at 38 weeks at 4pounds 10 onces but my other two who were both born at 37 weeks exactly second one was 7 pounds 3rd baby was 7and a half.My midwife told me also its perfectly safe even at 36 weeks and some days.Anyway what you are doing isnt harmful unless obviously doctors said you shouldnt, because even if you do,do the above if your baby is ready it will come if not it will take longer.


BabyGirl - April 11

Actually alot of sites and many baby books will tell you that you are considered term at 37 weeks. My doctor said the baby can be born anytime now. Also that she beleives that i have a low 8 pounder in there. I dont want to try castor oil or anything like that , jsut the basics. I know that having s_x and other things may not work for everyone , but some women it does. Ive always heard it will only work it the baby is actually ready.


Steph - April 11

You don't have to stop having s_x towards the end of your pregnancy...I didn't mean that. I suppose I meant nipple stimulation and such. Even though I've heard that you potentially have to have hours and hours of nipple stimulation in a row...that's gotta be painful!


mstlot - April 11

Babygirl... It's your body and your baby and for that reason alone you should do what you feel will be right for your child and for you.... That being said... I had a doctors appointment today and we discuss early induction since my bf is going to the army 2 weeks before my due date... I will be 38 weeks. Since I want to make sure he is here during my delivery... I asked her what could be done? She mentionned to me that she could brake my water at 37 weeks... My daughter would be considered full term and girl's lung mature quicker than little boys. ... She also told me that as of friday (34 weeks mark) I should increase my activity level by alot walk, jog, clean ect... have s_x... anyway.. just sharing my experience... Good luck to you...


BabyGirl - April 11

I was simply asking , and no i havent made my mind up, its really not up to me anyways , its up to the baby. Ive just heard that trying these different things could work if the baby is ready, but wouldnt if the baby is not. Anyways end of topic... Goodluck to everyones pregnancy and hope eveyrones baby is healthy!


sphinxminx - April 11

Hi Babygirl, I'm also 36 weeks I'm getting tired as well but unfortunately I, have to be careful because my little one is not yet 5 lbs I have been sick throughout my pregnancy. I asked my doc about getting an internal while he did my strep B. He said no because he was worried that if he did it I would go into labour and wants my wee one to grow a little more. I have nothing against you wanting to start your labour. I say if your baby is at a healthy weight and you did your research go ahead and good luck and keep us all informed. Until then I keep counting the weeks down :')


^lucy^ - April 12

hi babygirl,, i think its ok to eat pineapples, drink raspberry tea, walk, and have those natural stuff.. many women did those things at their 40 weeks and didnt have their babies cz they weren't ready so there's no harm in doing them.. its not like ur doing any harm to ur baby,, fresh pineapple is a good tasting fruit and can help u in labor so why not.. im gonna start eating fresh pineapple when im 37 weeks, im still 34 weeks today :) good luck when u deliver and hope u have a beautiful and healthy baby :)


Emily - April 12

you can try all that stuff you want but the reality in it is it will only jump start labor if your baby and body are ready. So dont' get your hopes up too high...



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