To Ekta Thallassemia Answer

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lisa - October 16

I cant seem to answer your question the website wont alow it, but you should google it to find out more I found this: Beta-thalassemia The beta-thalassemias are the consequence of one of many point mutations that cause absence of or reduction in beta-chain production. Homozygous beta-thalassemia major or Cooley anemia is characterized by precipitation of the excessive alpha chains that results in ineffective erythropoiesis and hemolysis. The fetus is protected from this, but after birth as HbF levels fall, the infant becomes anemic. Although transfusion can prolong life, especially when combined with iron chelation therapy, females with this disorder historically have been infertile. However, the number of successful pregnancies in these patients has been increasing. These patients require frequent transfusions and desferrioxamine chelation therapy throughout pregnancy. Beta-thalassemia minor has variable clinical effects, depending on the rate of beta-chain production. It may be unmasked during pregnancy or uncovered after a patient has delivered a homozygous infant. Hb electrophoresis characteristically shows a minor fraction of adult hemoglobin (HbA2), which consists of 2 alpha and 2 delta chains, to be increased to greater than 3.5%. These patients do not have impaired fertility or pregnancy outcome; however, they may become disproportionately anemic and require iron or folate supplementation during pregnancy. The obstetric emphasis with these patients who are heterozygous is on prenatal diagnosis. the website is: please talk to your doctor or midwife asap and ask them all the questions you need to know, but try and be calm, you need this info but you will do the best you can and i hope you and your baby are safe and well, lisa


Ekta - October 17

Thanks a million for your inputs Lisa. I have been detected with beta thallasemia carrier and my husband has given sample for the same today. What are the chances of my baby getting this disease if husband is also a carrier? Waiting for his test results which will come day after. In the meantime please pray for me. Ekta



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