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synesthesia1821 - October 6

sorry that I've been posting so many threads on here.. I just noticed how much I really was posting. lol. I don't mean to be annoying. guess posting another one to say i dont mean to be annoying was probably annoying too...but I'll try to calm it down from this point on. Don't mean to hog the board. I just sit around all day with nothing to do. i really need a life. Again, sorry ladies!


Mrs.Steve - October 6

I don't see the problem. If you can't talk to us, then who CAN you talk to? That's what we're here for. We're all in the same boat, especially now, getting to the point where we just want it to be over. And that's when it's most uncomfortable. As far as I'm concerned, from the gas, to the vienna sausage toes, to the not being able to sleep, to the hemorroids, to the substances coming out of us that we don't recognize, to the annoying strangers and their stupid comments and all the other 3rd trimester c___p, most of us probably don't post nearly enough. Don't worry about it.


staci - October 6



docbytch - October 6

Hey's cool. You're a young mom who understandably has lots of questions. I wish online forums has existed back when I was 18-19 and pregnant with my dd! I am not a major techie or anything...but the internet really is a great thing. I am thankful for this forum all the time now...the ladies on here are the only pregnant ladies I get to have any interaction with!! Pregnancy can be a very isolating condition 8-)


synesthesia1821 - October 6

oh yeah, tell me about it docbytch! I just moved to a new area a couple months ago and know literally ZERO people to top it off! sucks. but thank you ladies for being so sweet and supportive. i really appreciate it. im in the same boat...know no one pregnant outside these forums.


HeavenisMine - October 7

It is not a problem, you have a concern, or a million, post them here. :) It's better that way, because you are using the forum for what it was designed for!


emfine99 - October 7

I'm on here a lot too, but I don't post as much because well... I'm lazy! I love to get on and find new stuff to read! Oh and sorry I wasn't on AIM last night, I got your myspace message Ashley, I was just so tired from my shower that I crashed! LOL


lil-miss-saunders - October 8

I think its good that you post a lot on here. You're getting answers to questions or worries and you're making sure you understand whats going on. I post quite a bit but i really wouldnt worry about being annoying. I think most ladies on here like to answer your questions. x



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