To Kick It In High Gear Or Veg Out

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lindsay - May 27

so i had posted the question about "natural " induction methods (what would you do?) and it got me thinking about this one... do you think or know if it is more beneficial to try and stay really active to bring on labor or just totally chill out and relax? i know walking can help if your body is ready which would lend truth to the staying active theory, but is this because it can make you begin contractions or what? i know it is a silly question, but i guess i'm just not clear on whether it is the baby's head pushing against the cervix that makes it dialate/efface, or if just the action itself can get contractions going, which in turn dialtes the cervix....i've just heard contradictory advice on this... like some docs say have a glass of wine and kick back and relax, and others say 'go ahead and do that mini-marathon' lol(i'm exaggerating, of course!) what do you all think, or what has your experience been?


Mellissa - May 28

with my daughter i walked and walked and cleaned and walked more... and i went two weeks over my due date!! this time i am just going to relax as much as i can and see what happens. of course, relaxing means something totally different now that my daughter is 2 1/2! lol. my midwife said in her personal experience walking doesn't really do anything unless you are already in labor, then it helps make the contractions stronger, bringing the baby down, which then puts pressure on the cervix and makes you dilate more. but other people (like my sister who has 5 kids) swear by the walking thing. everytime she is ready to have her baby, she just walks around walmart for about 4 hours and boom... she's ready to go! wish i was like that. :)


angelbebe - May 28

Won't it be nice Lindsay when we have both been through this already so we can draw from personal experience? : ) As for your question, I have thought so much about that as well. What I am finding is that walking tends to bring on contractions, which I can only think are good practice, whether or not they keep going. The pressure on the cervix is does help in the dialation/effacement process, according to my midwife, but I don't know if anyone knows exactly for sure. There is so much mystery around labor. AS for the wine, I have been told that as well, especially if there are contractions not really going anywhere at night and you want to sleep or relax, then have a gla__s of red wine. There are nights where I want to try every natural method and see if I can get things going and other nights where I just say screw it and relax. I think the baby is going to come whether we help it along or not. I can't really advise, but I like responding to your threads since we are both trying to figure this out together! : )


Jenn2 - May 28

my cousin had a baby last year, and she walked daily throughout most of her pregnancy, and still went 10 days overdue. I am walking allot just b/c it makes me feel better, but I dont belive it will start my labor (unfortunately).


lindsay - May 28

angelbebe--i thought for sure you would have gone by now, after that night of contractions!!! looks like you've got a little stinker on your hands ; -) the sad thing is , i have been through this before, lol, and you're right, labor is SO elusive!!! with my son 4 years ago, i put in a flower garden the day i was due and tried to stay as active as i could and still had to be induced 8 days past due date, so i thought maybe this time, i would just chill out as much as i could, but it does seem the more active i am, the more b/h's i have... bu tthen my feet and ankles swell and my lower back KILLS me, so i have to weigh the benefits! melissa-- boy, how i wish i could be you're sister! how great is that?? i can see how walking during labor helps things progress, that makes sense, but isn't it true that TECHNICALLY, if we as woman have already begun to dialate and efface, we ARE in early labor??!! what gives, LOL!! and jenn2, you are lucky walking makes you feel better, because like i said, being on my feet comes with a price...maybe all of these things are just purely coincidental, and we just go when we go.... from all of the stories we all share w/ eachother on these threads, i'm beginning to think that babies really do just come when THEY are ready, not when we are trying to make them! angelbebe-- have you dialted anymore?? wouldn't that be something if we went at the same time??!! (you're 40 weeks now , right?) i'm 39 on wed... well, good luck to EVERYONE, i'm sure we'll keep trying to "make" things happen 'cause you know we're creatures of habit!! anyone else have some 2 cents to put in???


Tiarali - May 28

With my first child I was having braxtons every night for two weeks before I delivered. I'd finally gotten enough of it and went for a long walk, the pains intensified while I was walking but then died away - but I did go into labour for real the very next day. I have no idea if walking can actually start things, cause I've been having braxtons before each labour long before I was ready to go, so I can't help you there, but maybe they can cement the process if things are getting really annoying.


angelbebe - May 29

HI ladies-sorry Lindsay...I remember now that you have given birth before. Sorry! : ) Anyways, I have been having BH for weeks too, but starting the night before last they have turned painful!! Crampy and pressure in my back, but no closer than 10 minutes apart. I spent all day yesterday just walking and doing other activities. Tried some nipple stimulation to see if we could get the contractions closer together. It worked for a little while, but then they just died down and stopped. I actually sipped on some red wine last night to get myself to relax...I felt like I had been having non stop menstrual cramps all day. I felt so sore. Then they started up again and they woke me up all night, a few an hour. I am now about 10 minutes apart again. Ah!! I hope this just means I am indeed in early labor...just taking it's time. Any thoughts? All I know is that the walking and does keep them going and strong.


Mindi - May 29

My SIL had to move some furniture around, so she was sitting on her but, pushing with her legs to get the couch against the wall, and that night she went into labor......second baby, 17 days early, healthy 8 1/2 lbs. She wasn't trying to go into labor, but swears that's what caused it. Good luck~


Mindi - May 29

Forgot to mention that she was in the 90th percentile for a large baby.


lindsay - May 29

angelbebe-- i am so at my wits end for you!!LOL i would be going crazy if i were you! it HAS to be soon! my b/h's get going too when i am active, like today i went to the grocery store and was having a lot that seemed tighter and slightly crampier than usual, but of course they stopped when i got home...but i do have my 1st internal tomorrow, so i'm anxious to see if these contractions have dialated/effaced me at all (although , i know this means NOTHING) but if i am rippening, i will try a few "natural' induction methods because i just know my doctor is going to want to schedule me for an induction next week if i am ripe...i have a new induction method... check it out... i keep making a list of things i HAVE to get done before dd gets here (ok, so they don't have to get done, because i have nested so much that i am running out of things to do//clean) but you know how things happen when you're not ready for them , right? well, i hoping that BAM she'll just come because i'm "not prepared,"LOL... i know, i'm losing it... but what do you think?? it could work, right, LOL i also agree with the visualization techniques you mentioned on another thread, but i have trouble relaxing enought to talk my cervix into doing anything! lol well, i hope the next time i hear from you you're telling us all about your delivery!! by the way, do you know if you're having a boy or girl?? talk to ya soon!



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