To Sarah And Krissy Due On Nov 25

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Steph - October 6

Hi ladies - it's so encouraging to hear that we are all due on the same day and better yet we are all having little girls. Do you have names picked out yet? Ours is going to be Joanna Lluese. To answer Sarah's question - I am getting very irritable and ready to have my baby. She is still moving all the time, which my doctor says is great, but it is starting to hurt everytime she gives my side a kick - last night she had pushed her foot out so far that I could feel it's outline; very weird, my husband keeps saying he can't believe my stomach can tolerate it all - what a miracle! But I really can't wait to have her and be able to hold her in my arms all the time. Let me know how your doctor's appointments are going and how everything else is going for you both; weight gain, BP, measurements, etc. Can't wait to go through these last couple weeks with you two! :)


Nat - October 9

Hey Steph, just read this and wanted to post because I am due Nov.23 ( I'm having a boy) Talk to you later! :)


sarah - October 10

Hi Krissy and Steph, We have chosen Millie Mae for our little girl. We already have a 6 year year old daughter called Megan as well. Like Krissy the movements are getting very uncomfortable, she is currently lying in transverse position and I am measuring to dates although I have been having growth scans throughout she has now caught up thank goodness. I have so far put on 16lbs but I seem to be putting it on a little faster at the moment. My BP has been fine I have had one urine infection so far which gave me excrutiating backache. My partner is serving in Iraq at the moment but he is due back 2 weeks before she is due, I just hope she does'nt come early. How about you?


Krissy - October 10

Hey Steph & Sarah, My baby girls name is going to be Kiya Ann, I really wanted something unique. As far as my measurements, everything is to date but I did gain ALOT of weight I use to be 110 now I'm 165, I'm pretty much swollen all over. I found out at about 25 weeks that I'm anemic, but everything is under control with iron supplements. And at my last appointment my BP was a little high, but the doctor said it was ok. I guess I'll find out more at weds. appointment. So, enough about my problems...How is everything going for you both?? Have you had any braxton hicks? I started to get them last week, and they are pretty unconfortable!! Well talk to you both soon!!!


Steph - October 10

I am doing well - I had some lower abdomen pain the other night along with some back pains (only lasting about 10mins though). So far I have gained 20 lbs and all of that was mostly in 3 months. I had lost wieght in the first trimester and then put on all my wieght in the second and only put on 2lbs in the last two weeks, so I think it's starting to slow down (which hopefully is a sign of the baby soon to come!) My stomach has gotten a lot tighter - seems like everyday and now when she moves it is much lower and different than it has been. I love your name - very cute! Is your partner in the Army? My husband is in the Navy, but he is on land duty right now as an instructor at the base here in Illinois and will be getting out of the service shortly after the baby is born, so that will be really nice. I am sure if my husband was gone too, I wouldn't want her to come early either, but as I sit right now - I hope she does come early. I just can't imagine another 6 1/2 weeks - I am so ready. Well, I hope everything is going well for you and that your partner can make it back in time for the baby! Keep my posted! :)


Sarah - October 12

Hi Girls, I'm not convinced I have had braxton hicks, I have had some strange feelings but am not sure what do yours feel like? Yes my partner is in the army and lucky for him has missed all my mood swings:) but I am sure he would rather be at home than in that war zone. My bump is really tight I look like I have a football up my top I have appt with consultant on mon to check growth and to check her position. What position are your girls in at the moment? I am on iron supplements too but will be glad to get off them to get my bowels back to normal! How are you two getting a good nights sleep?


Krissy - October 12

Good night sleep? Ha! No way, everyone keeps telling me to sleep while I can cause when the babys here it's not going to happen! But I can't sleep now!!! I wake up every hour and a half, but I figure it's good practice! For the past 2 months my baby has been head down, and ready to go! My doctor says she's really long so she can't turn around. When I got my first ultrasound at 4 months she was already 12 inches from head to toe! I guess we all really do have alot in common, my husband is not in the military but he is a police officer. I love a man in uniform :) Well gotta get ready for my doctors appointment, I'll talk to you both later! xoxoxox


Christy - October 12

Hi, ladies. Just wanted to say hi. I am due 11/26 with a little boy. It should be interesting to see what day we all actually go. Anyway, good luck to you all. :)


Alissa - October 12

Im also due on Nov 25 but im haveing a boy


Steph - October 13

Good to hear back from everyone - I don't think I have had any BH contractions, but then again, I don't know. I am guessing that I will definetly be able to feel them strongly when I get them so I don't think I have had them yet. I know what you mean about sleep Krissy - I am the exact same way, pretty much on the b___ton every two hours I am up - most of the time to use the toilet, but even if I don't feel like I have to go, I am up. When I get home from work I usually lay down on the couch (because of swelling I have to put my feet up 2-3 hours a day) and I can take a good 2-3 hour nap then, so that helps a little with the exhaustion, but still, I just cannot sleep at night. Very weird, but I just keep thinking, okay well I guess my body is just getting ready for this little one. :) I am sure you all have been getting everyone's imput (asked for or not) about when you are going to have the baby and when you have "dropped", etc. I have one lady at work who swears that I am going to deliver in two weeks, before the end of October cause she says I am carrying so low and dropped in the last two weeks a lot. So we'll see. I wouldn't mind going early at all, as long as the baby is healthy enough to be born. Well, I better head off to lunch - Keep us all posted on doctor's appiontments etc. Krissy - how did yours go yesterday? Nat, Christy and Alyssa - happy to hear that you are all due around the same time - how are you all feeling? Take care ladies!!


Nat - October 13

Hey everyone! I had a doctors appointment yesterday and the Dr. could feel the babys head, I haven't dialated any though.My friend that was due Nov. 20 had her little girl yesterday by c-section! She went to the hospital the night before because she was feeling alot of pressure in the bottom of her stomach and when she got there she was 2 cm. dialated,they were going to watch her over night and send her home the next day, but the babys heart rate kept dropping so they went ahead and took the baby. The baby is breathing on her own now and is doing good! Now I am so nervous because I thought we were going to have are babies at the same time,so now every weird feeling I get I think I am about to have the baby!LOL I guess since she isn't pregnant anymore I feel like I shouldn't be either! I'm lost without my pregnant friend! :( But I am very happy her and baby are doing well!! I'm glad I still have you guys! :)


Nat - October 13

Oh yeah, I had an ultrasound Oct.10 and baby weighed 4lbs. 10oz. and is doing good!


Steph - October 14

Nat - what were all of her babies measurements? And how are they doing now? People keep telling me everyday that I am going to deliver early - I work as a teller at a CU and one lady just came in and said, oh you must be due in a couple days - I said actually 6 weeks from today and she said oh I had four babies, I think they got your dates wrong, you are going soon. So, I guess you never know when God is going to decide it's time for baby!


Krissy - October 14

Steph, I know what your saying about peoples comments. Everytime I go out in public strangers come up to me and ask when I'm due I'll tell them 6 weeks and they say "are you sure? I don't think your going to make it" or "How many do you have in there?" I think it's cause I was so small to start all I am is stomach. But I wouldn't mind having my baby girl a little early!! My appointment this week went well, she said in 2 weeks when I go back she's going to give me a strep test, has anyone had one yet? Is it like a pelvic exam? Just curious. I've been having some cramping the past couple days, they feel like period cramps (I almost forgot what they felt like, lol) my doctor says it's my body getting ready for the baby to drop down, has anyone had these? Well better get going, but I'll talk to you ladies soon!! Don't forget, we are in this together!!


Steph - October 15

I know what you mean Krissy - I am the same way, all belly, people at work tell me all the time that when I am turned around or they are looking at me from behind the would have no idea that I am pregnant. Also, I too have been getting period like cramps, one night the were accompanied by back pains too - I am hopeful that's it's all just in preparation for my little one to come. Glad to hear that all your appointments are going well. I can't complain about mine either - doc always says that blood pressure and weight is good and I am getting closer and closer everytime. :) Good news! I have my next appointment this Wednesday and then I start going every week. I can't wait till they start checking and hopefully my doctor can tell me if there is any progress with anything. I wouldn't mind coming early at all. I am trying to just focus on 6 weeks though and not let what everyone else is saying get to me, cause I don't want to start focusing on her coming early and then end up being on time or even late, it would seem just that much longer than it already feels like its taking. Good to hear that everyone is feeling well. Keep the updates coming!


Christy - October 15

Well, I think everyone is just full of opinions, because I get the same comments about going early, and looking a lot further along than I am. There is a woman at work due the same day as me and she has hardly any belly, but has gained more all-over. People like to compare us, which drives me nuts. I am carrying more up front and have a pretty prominent belly so people think I am further along than her. Funny thing is that I measured at 35 cm this past Thursday and I am 34 weeks pregnant. The doctor said that I am not measuring big or anything, although the baby is supposedly 6lb 12 oz per the ultrasound we had Thursday, so we may have a baby (a big one at that) sooner than later. Krissy- no strep test yet, but I am sure mine is around the corner. It is an internal exam where they swab your cervix. I will NOT be looking forward to it at all. I have been getting worse about pelvic exams as I have gotten older, and I don't think me being pregnant will make the experience any better. Good luck on that test, though. Hope you're all doing well!


sarah - October 18

Hi everyone, hope you are all when. I was back at the doctors yesterday and once again they have said my belly measurement is too small so i've got to go for an in depth growth scan on Monday. Anyone else small for dates? But for some good news I have slept through the night without waking to pee for 5 nights now so there is some hope out there!



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