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meg - May 5

I am currently 33 weeks pg. w/ number 2. My ds is nearly 20 months. When I'm at the hospital I'll obviously want my ds there as much as possible, but what about when it's not possible, or when my water first breaks & I'm in labor for several (hopefully not many) hours? I have plenty of family around, but I know they want to be at the hospital too. Should I just split up the time & have them take turns watching my ds (when he's not at the hospital?) Thanks for the input!


ChattyKathy - May 5

What about a friend? Friends are usually pretty good about giving you your space during delivery and visiting later on. I'm sure if you set it up in advance it wouldn't be a problem... But if you can't find someone, it may not be horrible to have your son at the hospital. At night he'll probably fall asleep and during the day he can play with toys. Plus, that'll give your family something to do while they wait at the hospital.


DDT - May 5

I am 36wks pregnant and have a 14 month old. My plan is for ds to go to my Mom's place once I go into labour. Depending on the intensity of early labour we will either drop him off or she will come and pick him up. Once baby is born the plan was for my Mom to come to the hospital with ds1. He can visit for a couple of hrs and then go back home with my Mum. Your ds will be older than mine when our 2nd is born which maybe why I feel like I DO NOT want ds to be at the hospital throughout the labour. He will not understand why I can't be with him, pick him up ect. He is very sensitive so will probably be frightened by my state, the tubes, monitors strapped to me ect. With my 1st my family tried "visiting" me during the early stages of my labour but after a dose of morphine I was a little out of it. IMO I didn't want to have to chat to people while in labour but that could have just been because of the intensity of my labour...maybe my 2nd time around will be completely different and I will want family there...who knows! hehe. I guess I haven't helped you in making a decision...sorry!


mjvdec01 - May 5

I am 29 weeks and have a 27 month old daughter. With my daughter my mom was there in the delivery room. This time she wants to stay at our house for the couple of days with our daughter while my hubby and I are at the hospital with the new baby. Ofcourse she will be coming by with Madalyn every day for a couple of hours. I just don't want our daughter there, and my mom is happy with whatever we need. If you want everyone at the hospital, then get a trusted friend to watch your son, or maybe there is a family member that would be happy to have the time with him?


meg - May 6

Thanks ladies! I guess a lot of this also depends on timing as well! if my water breaks at like 2 in the morning, we'll have to do things a little differently than if it happens at 2 in the afternoon! I do have some friends that have volunteered to be "on call," & my dad will be doing a lot of going back & forth with my son. I guess we'll have to see how it goes!! It's so exciting & nerve racking at the same time!


cors1wfe - May 6

my first son had just turned 4 when I had my 2nd son - because I went to the hospital at 11pm my mom kept him and brought him back right before I delivered - My mom held him up by my head the whole time so he couldn't really see what was going on but he was so happy to be there - it was great to have him away while we labored and have him show up for the main event - that's my plan for my 2 sons now that I am 32 weeks with number 3


fefer1 - May 6

I'm 36 months with a 20 month old dd. I don't want my dd there - she's too much of a handful and it can be stressful seeing "mommy" in pain. ;) I think my sister will watch my dd and then come see us after our son is born. I'd see if you can find some friends who will watch you son or have a family member who will NOT be at the hospital with you to watch him.



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