To Those Who Have Been Induced

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krista-lee - June 5

at my appointment on the 8th, my doctors gonna set up an induction. i tried searching the net and asking family members, but no luck. i was wonder if you could tell me what happened from when u got out your vehicle up until the birth of your baby. i wanna be prepared, and i have no idea how an induction happends, anyone?


sp - June 5

Hi Krista-lee.I was induced at 38 weeks with my first. I went to my appointment at 10:00a.m. and the doc broke my water in her office. She told me to go straight to the hospital and they started the pitocin drip. I started having contractions a few hours later and by 6:30p.m. I started to push and had my baby girl at 7:26 p.m. Everything went well and I would do it again! Now I am 40 weeks today and I am being induced on wednesday the 7th. Can't wait! Good luck to you.


Bonnie - June 5

I was induced. My water broke at home but no contractions. Went to the hospital and they made me walk 2 hours. No change, so they induced me with a pitocin drip. I could still walk around and pee and all witht he drip in....but was wierd with all the wires. Pitocin works fast! I gared at the nurse when she came in every 20 minutes to up it, lol. I got an epi around 4 cm. It didn;t work at all so they redid it for me. It was pure bliss. It wore off twice though(very unusual....but it wears off slow so you build up to it and they were very quick about fixing it). I was chatting away andlaughing at 10 cm ZERO pain. I pusheed for 2 1/2 hours...babay never dropped so they did a c-section. I had a great experience with all of it!


Mellissa - June 5

I was induced at 42 weeks (obviously my daughter was stubborn!). when i went in (at 5:30 pm)they got me situated in bed, checked me and i was at 2 cm. the dr came in and inserted a balloon into my cervix and filled it with water to put pressure on my cervix from the inside, which would help me dilate faster and when it fell out i would be at 4 cm. at that time they also started the pitocin drip. at 11:30 pm i was at 4 cm and they said i was in active labor. the contractions were coming about 2 minutes apart but it didn't hurt yet. i slept through the night and at 7:30 am i asked if they were planning breaking my water any time soon to speed things up, and as the nurse went to get the dr, it broke on it's own. they checked me and i was 7 1/2 cm. about 5 minutes later the contractions came a lot harder and i could feel everything in my back. i didn't get the epidural, but i only had to deal with the pain for an hour and a half. i started pushing and my daughter was born an hour and ten minutes later. it was a very good experience for me, although i am hoping to go into labor on my own this time (i'm almost 34 weeks). if you do have to get induced, try not to think about things that can go wrong. just let your body do what it wants to do and if you need the epidural, go for it! the more comfortable you are, the better your experience will be. i wish you luck and can't wait to finally hear about your birth story!! :)


AmandaManns - June 5

I went in on December 19th to be induced with my first baby. The only reason I was induced was because he was due the day after Christmas and we wanted him here for the holidays. Well I went in at 5:00 a/m and they started me on pitocin right away. I was 3 cm and 80% effaced at this time. At 8:30 a/m my doctor broke my water and I was 3-4 cm and 85 % effaced. Well this is when the "real" contractions kicked in. I held out and had an epidural around 11:00a/m and I was 5 cm at this time and almost completly effaced. The epidural was WONDERFUL. It did not hurt AT ALL. I was in heaven. Well they kept checking me every couple of hours and I was not dialating at all. So around 7:00 p/m after being at 5 cm for 8 hours they had me trying all kinds of positions to get the baby down, I was sitting indian style and on all fours it was quite the show. Well I started to feel my contractions and they checked my epidural and it had come out, so at 11:00 p/m I had another one put in. This one did not help the pain as much because I was getting further along. Well at 1:00 a/m I was FINALLY ready to push, I began to feel a lot of preasure down in my b___t and I knew it was time. I was having terrible back labor because my baby was coming out face up instead of the normal position of face down. Well I pushed and pushed for 2 hours and made absolutely no progress, so they used the vacc_m on him. Once they had the vacc_m on him he came out 15 minutes later. I really did not have to be cut too much and I did not feel a thing down there. It is bad to say but the pushing him out part was the least painful, I mean when he was actually coming out. Well after I had him and delivered the placenta they could not get me to stop bleeding. I just bled and bled and bled and they gave me some sort of shot to stop it and it did not work so they stuck to soft pills of some sort up my bottom and that seemed to do the trick. So after 22 hours of labor, 2 epidurals, and uncontroled bleeding I had a beautiful baby boy weighing in at 10 lbs even and 21 inches long. Good luck !!!


lindsay - June 6

i was induced 8 days past my due date w/ my son(4 years ago)... went in at 7:00, started the pitocin at 7:30, broke my water at between 8-8:30... (i was 3 cm 80% effaced when i got there, by the way) and i was having contractions i couldn't feel when i got there. i went til about noon and started getting a little uncomfortable, so i asked for my epidural because i was afraid if i waited until i was really in pain the anesthesiologist would be busy and not be able to attend to me right away, lol! i was such a weenie, i didn't even give unmedicated labor a chance!! (i was like 4 or 5 cm by this point) well, hours pa__sed, slowly but steadily progressed as my drip was increased, but i was able to sleep and relax and talk to visitors... well, at about 8:30 pm, i started to feel a little weird and then realized that i felt like i had to poop, so nurse checked me and i was at 10m and ready to push... as this went on, the epi wore off and i could feel all of that pressure, which was nice because i knew when i needed to push and could work w/ my body... but it took me awhile to learn how i needed to push, but once i did, i was so productive and my son was born at 9:22 pm, 9lbs 4oz 22 in long!!(i could feel every pound and every inch of that kid crown--yeep!!!) doc delivered my placenta and shortly thereafter my blood pressure plummeted and i told my nurse i didn't feel right and thought i might pa__s out... anesthesiologist rushed in and quickly removed my epi while nurse let my pitocin rip and ma__saged my uterus (in case i was hemmhoraging, but they said i really hardly lost any blood) while the blood pressure cuff took my blood pressure continuosly, until it came back to a safe level... then i went to my room and had a rough night!! and a rough 3 weeks to follow, but all of my side effects were attributed to my epidural, and i don't want to scare anyone from it, i just had a horrible experience w/ it,,, well, the epidural was wonderful during labor, but boy did my body have a hard time handeling it!! so since you only asked about the induction part, i'll spare you unless you want to know!! plus, of all the epidural stories i have heard on here, no one has said anything like my story, which leads me to believe that what happeneed to me really is a rare occurence. by the way, have you progressed at all in the dialation/effacement dept? i know you weren't much as of last week... update me on the course of action your doctor is going to take as far as induction... i'm concerned because my cervix isn't really ready AT ALL, yet my induction is scheduled for the 12th! but my first induction, for the labor and delivery itself, was absolutely wonderful!! good luck and keep us posted !!


Athom - June 7

I was induced a week early, I had pre-eclampsia (sp?) I went to hospital at 12:30 am, they put cervidil in and contractions started... after a few hrs they checked me and nothing.... put another dose of cervidil in and didn't make any changes but made the contractions too close together so they had to flush it out (sorry tmi), then they started a pitocin drip at 7:00 am dr checked and still no change... came in at 11:00 am and no change turned off pitocin... contractions stopped they were going to send me home on strict bedrest... around 11:40 contractions started and dr came in at 12:30 pm and checked. I was 1cm, he broke my water and then hard labor started right away... (I don't really remember much after that... just here and there) with no drugs, after a few pushes I delivered my son at 4:25pm.



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