To Those Who Ve Had Their Babies

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josie4 - September 25

How does your body feel now? Right after birth did you feel empty? Lighter? How does it feel to sleep on your stomach again? Do you miss having your baby inside of you? Do you still feel phantom kicks? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just curious how everything feels postpartum.. :)


DDT - September 25

I felt fat right after the birth. Your stomach is still big because your uterus hasn't shrunk back to its normal size. I felt lighter for sure. It was WONDERFUL being able to sleep on my tummy!! That's one thing I missed the most during the pregnancy. I felt phantom kicks for a few days after the birth (I think they were muscle spasms though hehe!).


rebolson - September 26

I felt good after birth (with the exception of the tear healing---ouch), but man, did it feel good to sleep on my stomach again!...I did so almost immediately. I REALLY missed feeling the baby inside though. I didn't have phantom kicks.


kimberly - September 26

I am 5 weeks pp and I still feel fat! My stomach is hollow feeling when you push on it and mushy too. It took me a couple weeks to realize I could actually lay on my stomach again. lol! I did miss her being in there, but only for a while, now it feels really good to almost be back to myself again. My biggest complaint is just being bigger everywhere. I tried on my jeans last night and they are so tight, especially in the b___t!!! I thought most of my weight gain was in my waist, I am suprised how much I gained in my hips and b___t. Back to eating salad all the time I guess!


aliciavr6 - September 26

I felt disgusting for about two weeks after birth, just because of healing (episiotomy, ow!) and all that comes out afterwards. I didn't miss being pregnant at all, I know that lots of women do. My belly was big for a bit afterwards, so I felt very awkward. It was very mushy and felt real weird to poke it. ha. I'm 3 months pp now and feel totally fine.


TiffanyRae - September 26

Aloha! I felt dirty for about two weeks after have my little one...but it was just because of everything that continues to come out after. And I had three small stichs that hurt so cleaning the area was time consuming! lol But as for my stomach...I was lucky and went in this pregnancy in really good shape abdominal my stomach was back to normal within about a week. A little flabbier but nothing I can't fix quickly. My doctor actually made a comment that I when it came to my uterus returning to normal I was the fastest patient he has ever had. Before I even left the hospital my uterus was normal size. But to this day I still can't sleep on my stomach because I b___st feed and my b___bs hurt too much! lol I never felt any phantom kicks but I miss being pregnant...and I had an awful pregnancy! Sickness wise anyway.....but then I look at my little one and i am so happy to have him! But I won't put off having another one thats for sure...pregnancy, birth and even the after birth is WELL worth it!!!!


josie4 - September 27

Thanks for all the answers ladies! I can't remember what it's like to not be pregnant, so I'm looking forward to being postpartum. I imagine I will feel (and look) fat, though.


Nurs2b21 - September 27

What exactly goes on after the baby is born? I've heard that you bleed for a long time. I hear so much about what goes on during pregnancy but I know nothing about what happens after....


chickiepoo9 - September 28

after pregnancy with my son was awful i was so swollen i tore and my stiches got all infected and it was so painful to go to the bathroom and then i got another infection in my v____a and i bled like crazy for quite some time which was really annoying i am now 37.5 weeks with my daughter and i want to meet her but i am not looking forward to the after schock!


r1209 - September 28

Oh geeeez....... I'm preggo with my first and I am honestly more scared about the first couple of weeks after delivery then I am about labor. Just being constantly uncomfortable down there does not sound too appealing. Plus in my early pregnancy I was hooked up to a catheter so they could fill my bladder to see the baby on ultrasound, and when they took it out it was painful to go pee for two days. I don't want to relive that... :(


DDT - September 28

Nurs2b21: You will be bleeding a lot, having to wear pads for about 2-3 wks, be very sore down there (bruised, burning feeling). It does depend on every woman though and to what degree you tear. You will be leaking a lot from your b___sts (have to wear b___st pads). You will have mild contractions on and off as your uterus goes back to normal size. I think that covers some of it...GL.


DDT - September 28

Oh your first poop could be painful and whenever you pee for about a week after you will feel a lot of burning (again, this is my experience but I've heard the same from many other women). The best thing to do is run a pad under the tap and then put it in the freezer for a while. Ahh, when you wear it it will be so soothing! I lived on those for a while! Also, you have to keep the area clean from infection so when you pee and change a pad use a squirt bottle of luke warm water to cleanse the area.


Tammy276 - September 29

After I had my son, I felt horrible afterwards. I was so swollen and it was so painful down there. I felt phantom kicks after I had him for a while, but like someone else said, I think it was muscle spasms or something. but w/ him I pushed for 2.5 hrs. With my daughter, I felt GREAT :) I only pushed through 5 contractions with her. I was barely swollen and I really didn't hurt down there at all. They key is, make sure they baby is low when you start pushing. Let your body labor down, dont let them make you push just because you are 10 cm. If you let your body labor down (let your body push through the contractions naturally for a while) you will be less swollen because you won't be doing as much pushing. I do miss being pregnant. Its funny because I complained through my entire pregnancy and now I miss it and wish I was still pregnant. And the first thing I did when I got home was take a nap and sleep on my belly! It felt great


wailing - September 30

My recovery wasn't bad at all. I had a C-section that healed beautifully and I was out and about soon after. Honeslty, I was so obsessed w/ my lo that I didn't even think about what was going on w/ my body...then all of the sudden, I was pretty much back to normal;-) It'll be great!!! Good Luck to u all!


Cevvin - September 30

The only difference i noticed, besides not having my belly. Was that I had to teach myself how to pee again. When i was pregnant, i went when it hurt, and i certainly didn't have to push to get it out. But afterwards you really have to try.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - September 30

I miss being pregnant, I don't feel kicks...but when my daughter has he hiccups (almost 5 weeks pp) I cry because I miss the feeling of her having the hiccups :( But I felt fat, still do actually...and I was one who got strech marks, and they are still there, which is a given...and I feel so unattractive it isn't even funny. I LOVE sleeping on my stomach and I'm so glad I can again, but sometimes I can't because I fill up with milk, so my b___sts are killing me...and at first with nursing she hurt me so bad that I actually couldn't lay on my stomach because of the nipples soreness. But all in all, the worst part is the recovery. I couldn't stand or walk longer then 5-10 minutes before I would get sharp pains down below. I didn't give myself ANY time to recover. I was out and about and moving around...only time I sat down was at night, if I have another baby in the future, I will be sure to take it easy because sitting in a movie theater 4 days after delivery in them uncomfortable seats was hell, not to mention sitting in hard benches, at a kids sports event was pure torture. But I feel different now thats for sure.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - September 30

But as for the bleeding, I wore panty liners the whole 2 weeks I was bleeding, so that was a plus not having to wear huge pads that felt like diapers



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