Today Is My Due Date

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mariah - October 17

Today is my due date. This is my first baby. I'm so excited and so very nervous. I still can't picture myself giving birth and going through with the whole labour thing(I know I have no Is anyone else due really soon or now and still can't picture giving birth and having a kid? I haven't lost any mucus plug,or at least I don't think I have. I haven't had any blood come out. I know some women say that they don't have blood sometimes it's just whiteish and more slimy. I been getting a bit of that I guess. For the past few nights I been having more painless braton hicks too. I'm waiting for the ones to come with pain and go through to my back but still nothing. I also been feeling really good the past 2 days or so.Lots of energy too. I'm wondering how far I'll go over my due date. I'm pretty damn scared about the labour.Not the pain(I want to do this drug free) I'm scared about complications,something going wrong. I bet there isn't a mother who doesn't have this fear. Sometimes I'm so excited for it and other times I convince myself I wont make it out alive to see my baby girl and than I start telling my boyfriend to make sure he tells her how much I love her. He thinks I'm crazy and hates when I talk like this. I do too but I'm scared I can't help it. Anyways...good luck to all of you who are due soon or now. I hope the next few times I write on here I'll be telling you how much my baby weighed


Tonia - October 17

Hey Mariah, My dd was yesterday and I've been having braxton hicks and have been losing my mucus plug for some days now one of those days it had the blood in it and I just knew that in a couple of hours I would start having real labor pains but I guess not. I'm 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. I'll be glad when this is over with. I'm ready to meet my little boy and just stare at him. I'm very excited. I have 2 boys already and I'm ready to see how they will interact with their little brother. I'm ready to see how he's going to look in all his little baby clothes. Girl I'm ready. Well I want to say Good luck and I hope to be hearing about your birth in a little bit.


mariah - October 17

Hey Tonia Good Luck to you too. I wonder who will go first??


Jl - October 17

I'm due Wed., but I see the dr. tomorrow and am going to ask to be induced because my husband is going to be out of town next week. I hope they do it! I'll let you know after my appt tomorrow.



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