Today S The Day

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sheree - October 30

Yay, today's the day i have my baby! I leave in acouple of hrs to have my c-section and i think i'm getting a bit nervous!!!!!!! Wish me luck and i'll let u know when brandee arrives


lisa - October 31

hey good luck and let us know in a few days how it was


sheree - November 5

hey, well she's here and it was the worst experience of my life! I lost 2 litres of blood, had low blood pressure twice, which makes u feel really sick, dry reach, tears, the works and bad pains in recovery plus they had trouble with the spinal OMG, now i have a really bad cough and it hurts like hell but i did get a healthy baby girl out of it, Brandee Rae Storm arrived at 9:10am on the 31st october 2005 weighing 7lb 13oz, 53cms long and head was 34.3cms, so i guess it was all worth it in the end but thank god she's my last, LOL


Cher - November 6

Congrats on the new baby girl - hope your feeling better? It is all worth it in the end when you have a beautilful, healthy baby in your arms!


N - November 6

I am glad you're ok sheree.. congrats on your baby girl. I have to say though, you are scaring the c___p out of me! I have my c-sec scheduled for the 16th and I am absolutely terrified. How are you feeling now though? Are you recovering ok or is it still pretty hard to move around? I had an emergency c-sec with my first, so I am desperately hoping one that a scheduled one will be a bit easier. Is this your first c-section? Congrats again, feel better soon.


sheree - November 6

To N, sorry didn't mean to scare u and i'm doing well now, recovery isn't as bad as i thought it would be and i'm sure u won't have the trouble i did! I'm just a complicated person, lol. But seriously i thought that it would be worse after, i am in pain and it is hard to do things but i had a really bad pregnancy and was restricted a fair bit at the end of it so i guess that makes it a bit easier to deal with, i have 2 other children too but my husband is home and is dealing with them and the house while i deal with baby, this is my first c-section and i'm glad it happened with my last child as i would be scared to have anymore but all in all i have healthy baby girl who is now 1wk old today. I wish u all the best for the 16th and i hear it's better the second time round so don't panick, let me know how u go,



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