Told Boy But Had Girl

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jvall2030 - November 4

I was wondering if anyone moms have been through this experience. Has anyone been told they were having a boy by ultrasound and ended up having a girl?


c_baer19 - November 4

It's reallly really uncommon, especially in that situation. It would be more likely to be told you're having a girl and have a boy, though that doesn't happen either. For that one, the tech could just not see the boy parts - but if they tell you you're having a boy, they definitely saw boy parts, and well.. those just don't disappear! They usually won't tell you unless they're 99% sure.


falafal0 - November 4

I know of only two women in my years of being around other mums that have had that experience, one either way - a boy and then had a girl and being told you were having a girl and had a boy. People make mistakes, it does happen. I'm pg with our iffth and haven't had a mistake yet. Been told this one is a boy we're still kind of unsure, you know? Our DD keeps goingon about a sister all the time and we haven't been able to settle on a name this time. With each child the name has been there in the first trimester, perhaps early in the second. This is weird for us, to not have a name, and i've thought now and then, what if it's a girl and they're wrong?! Time will tell...:-)


sarah21 - November 4

Well I have heard the opposite. A lady I worked with had a son who had a baby and they were told it was a girl but it turned out that it was just hiding its parts and was a boy. They had ALL girl stuff. So it does happen, but not often, and like c_baer said, it's usually the opposite. It's hard to see something that's not there, unless the umbilical cord is in the way, but ultrasound technology has really improved so it doesn't happen much.


babylove4 - November 5

I've been told different....When it's a Girl there is nothing there, You can trust it more. As for Boy it's NOT 100 % true, Because the umbilical cord can or may be in the way. And I know many people that were told they were having Boy's and ended up having a Girl.


DaBonkElsMe - November 5

You really know ALOT of people that that has happened to, babylove?? I am surprised b/c I haven't EVER heard of it happening. Every mom I know who was told the s_x through u/s has been right. Ultrasounds today are pretty accurate. If they can't see the genitals they'll tell you they can't tell, but if they say it's a boy, that usually means they can see two testes and a p___s. The umbillical cord does not look like genitals, I think if you have an inexperiences technician, than maybe they could mistake it, but when I saw my baby's p___s on that screen, I had no doubt about what it was! She also showed me the umbillical cord and it looked completely different to me. Even if a girl has the umbilical cord between her legs, i think most techs can tell the difference. Now that could mean the genitalia is hidden by the cord, but most techs would tell you that too. According to my doctor and my research, they can't ever tell you that they are 100% sure b/c anything is possible and they don't want to be liable if it is wrong, but today's ultrasounds are pretty accurate, and if they say it's one or the other, I would bet on it.


babylove4 - November 5

Pretty much dabonkelsme. 2 friends of mine & my mom with my little sister was told the whole 9 months she was having a boy by her MD, not a tech, Although things have changed that was only 8 years ago. All the Md said was it was Human Error, Same went for both my friends all were patients of Kaiser Hospital which is a good hospital with experienced staff. Regardless of what, It happens.


wantanotheraftertr - November 5

My DH had a co worker that was expecting a boy via u/s and got a little girl about a month ago! Not sure how often it happens but it deffinatly can happen. U/s are usually pretty accurate now but mistakes can be made I have had my lo check 2 times and both deffinatly were boy I don't think it could have been a mistake as his s____m was very obvious with his p___s just above it. Have seen a friends that looks totally different though. You see more just the p___s in her pics!



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