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Tonia - October 26

Well on friday the 21st I woke up in the morning to find myself having more contractions than ever. As the evening passed they became 5-7 min apart. About 12:30am I went to labor and delivery and they sent me home because i was still at 3cm and didn't dilate anymore after a hr had passed. And as soon as I made it home I layed in the bed and the contractions got stonger which had me hollering. I walked around the house and I had to go pee only to find my waterbag buldging out and I panicked. My mom called 911 b/c she couldn't drive me b/c she had panicked to. This was so embarrassing b/c the 911 operator told her to lay me in the bed and take my bottoms off until help arrives. My contractions were 2min apart lasting 1min. I found myself surrounded by firemen,police officers and paramedics lying there with everything exposed I was embarrased cus I felt like they were getting a free peak but my pains were so bad I didn't care. This was the worst experience for me b/c when I got there the Dr. was like she's complete but we got to break her water they told me to start pushing and I pushed and pushed. She broke my water only to find out that I was only 6cm so I had to stop pushing I begged for the epidural and I remember when Barb said that it hurt her when it was given to her and prayed that I didn't feel anything. Barb was right it did hurt. As they were monitoring my baby's heartbeat it was dropping rapidly and they had to perform an emergency C-section. The worst experience ever. But at 6:56am he was here and was doing just great I was under the influence of the narcotics and after I heard him crying I was out of it. He wieghed 7lbs 7oz, 19 4\8 long. This C-section c__p sucks I would'nt wish it on my worst enemy. I am going through so much pain. But thank God that me and Jaleel are here and healthy. To see his pic's go to and look at the web nursery. The info to enter is (OCTOBER 22, 2005,) (SHE) (TEXAS) (UNITED STATES) It ask the questions in that order. He's a real cutie go check him out. Good luck to all the ladies who have'nt delivered yet.


Mary - October 26

Tonia, hi again and congratulations, I wrote you on the other tread. What a story you have to tell, girl! However, all is fine now and you have a handsome boy to love! My question is - did we have the same due date 10/28? Also, could you distinguish between BH and the real thing? I am still not sure I will be able to! :)


Barb - October 26

OMG Tonia....LOL...I don't mean to laugh I'm sorry..but I can't believe you had to be gawked at by all those fire and police men!!! NO WAY!! I would be mad at the doc. who made you go home in the first place...geeezz... but I'm glad all is well now and you are blessed with a BEAUTIFUL baby boy =) I'm SO happy for you!! and as for the epidural...even though it WAS worth it in the end wasn't it?? I hope you recover quickly...xxxooo :)


Tonia - October 26

To Lisa and Mary thank you for checking my baby out. Lisa girl I remember when I was 4 days overdue all I've got to say is that it wont be long now it'll catch you by surprise. I was suppose to be induced on the 25th but he came on the 22nd. And I thought that I was going to be able to handle it. Oooh Wee! I just thank God it is over. Mary girl my dd was on the 16th and I was 6 days over due before I had him. The difference between Bh and the real thing is that BH will only tighten up in the front of your belly only and the real contractions start in the front and go to your back lasting atleast 60 seconds. Hope it helps so when you do go into labor you'll know the difference.


Tonia - October 28

Congrats. My lil guy was 7 7 also!!


Tonia to Barb - October 29

Yes it was worth it b/c I wouldn't know what to do that was the first time I ever thanked a Dr. that stuck me with a needle. He was the only person I liked in that room at that time. How is your little one comung along. Hope you and baby are well. I think everybody is just about done. There are still a few that have'nt gone yet and I'm waiting to hear their stories.



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