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sara - September 13

Im being admitted in the hospital tonite at 6 pm and being induced. In a nervous wreck. This is my first baby.. Im sooo over whelmed with sooo many emotions and I just dont feel like I can just calm down and get my self together! Ive double checked my hospital bags, Ive made sure everything is completely perfect in the nursery, Ive cleaned the house so much that it is completly spotless.. I have nothing else to do but to wait till I get to the hospital. I just need to relax today and I cant. ..


michelle - September 13

i know the felling i was induced on dec2 of 2002 and me and my husbands ann. was the 1st of december. we just sat at home we were sooo nervous. but everything will be fine and it will be here before you know it. good luck hope everything goes wonderful for you.


Barb - September 13

easier said than done, I know...but TRY to relax. Sounds like you have everything ready so just sit back, take in the silence (bc that will change) and get some rest....GOOD LUCK =)


miranda - September 13

Try to get some rest. I was induced in the evening too and it's going to be a long night.


. - September 13

I hate waiting too... you wont be able to relax, i'm sure... but like Miranda says, do try to get some rest - you'll be tired tonight. If you cant go sit outside for a bit and watch the birds and breathe outside air... I am so excited for you - just remember - the sooner begun, the sooner done. Time will pa__s, and baby will be here! Best of luck!


Sara - September 13

Hey you guys, well its 4:20.. Ive layed around all day but still got no sleep. But kept calm, but its all starting over again. Im just so excited. My phone has rang non stop as well. I hope I will be able to get back online soon, though I know my hands will be full, to share my storie with all of you. Thanks so much. :)


citrouille - September 13

good luck Sara!


Tami - September 13

Ha ha Sara-I am jealous! :) Good luck and we can't wait to hear your story.


sadie - September 14

i am going in at 6 tonight. I am more excited than anything. i hope everything goes okay.


h - September 14

good luck i hope evert thing goes smooth and i wish you a quick birth god bless you and your baby


Tami - September 14

good luck Sadie! Let us know how it goes. :)



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