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Miranda - February 16

Hi, I'm only 27 weeks pregnant and this is my first child and I look like I'm about 40 weeks pregnant with quads.I mean I'm huge and I'm expected to only have about a 7-8 pound baby..I know every body/pregnancy is different ..but this is ridicolous! I can't walk because I feel all the weight go down in my front side.It hurts to even try to get up and it is very tough also..!Am..I normal?


Katrina - February 16

Every woman is different. If there was a problem, I am pretty sure your doctor would have pointed it out to you by now. I wouldn't worry about your size if your doctor is not concerned.


Lyn - February 18

You still may have a 7-8 lb baby, just think of all the weight you gain only that much is the baby you may have a lot of fluid or you could be retaining your b___st are bigger and so on and so on


Jill - September 14

Hi Miranda. I have the same problem. I am huge also and I am pretty sick of people saying, " your due date is December??!!" and "are you carrying twins??" Just hang in there.


sam - September 14

i have the opposite problem, my bump is small and im 34 weeks. people are always commenting that i only look like im 5 months. its so annoying but my midwife says im fine and once i stop work i will probably balloon!! ha ha. wish people would keep their comments to theirselves though. dont worry, ur doc would have said if there was anything to worry about


Ca__sie - September 14

Oh my goodness! I thought I was alone in this. Jill, I'm with you on this one. I get the same comments, "You're due in December? You must be carrying twins." All the time! From the very beginning to now, people keep telling me how big I look. It is my first too. Thanks for sharing... at least I know I'm not a freak now. :-)


Heidi - September 14

I get that all the time too. Everyone says I look like I could go any day now or I'm carrying twins and they'd be like, Oct. 21st!?!?! Are you sure!?!? And this was back in August. I just avoid people now. I look like I swallowed a basketball and that's about it!


Jill - September 15

lol, I bet we all feel a little better now that we know other people are going through this. We are not freaks. LOL


Kelly - September 16

I was a little big before I even got pregnant, but I only gained about 20 pounds and I'm 37 weeks. The doctors say I'm going to have a huge baby. And I get "Are you having twins, Too" I was always self conscience about my weight, but now I just want to tell them where to stick it. Thanks Girls, I feel better


Heidi - September 16

When I tell everyone I'm due 10/21, they're like, oh you'll never get that far. Gees! I hope they're right.



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