Too Early To Pack My Hospital Bag

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JennyC - January 9

Hi ladies. I'm wondering how early you are supposed to have your hospital bag packed? I'm only at 30 weeks, but I'm so excited that I keep wanting to do things to get ready for her. Is this ridiculously early to pack? Thanks!


Me too! - January 9

He he, I was the only one!! I want to be so prepared as well! I was thinking the same thing! I want to pack my bag so bag. I am 28 weeks.


jb - January 9

LOL! I am 35 weeks and I am still thinking 'is it too early to pack my bag?' I just am so anxious to have this baby and I dont want to have to stare at the suitcase for another 5+ weeks and have it make me even more impatient!!! I guess I really should pack it this weekend though, just in case.


lmrod55 - January 9

It's never too early to pack your bag...cause you just never know when you'll go into labor. Even though I am 35 weeks I still need to get my bag packed (just been too busy). I say pack it!


Ca__sie - January 9

Well I've gotten as far as writing a list of the things I want to pack... I should probably actually pack though. Every time I have even a twinge of a cramp or something I get nervous because I'm not ready yet! I am at 34 weeks 2days.


mel - January 9

if you don't want to be on the telephone with your boyfriend or husband trying to explain to him which nightgown or which pair of pantys you want him to find....I'd pack it now. hehe


BB - January 9

When the energy strikes do it! I want to but by the time I get home I just want to through myself onto the couch. I need to do it though cuz I will be 37 weeks this week. Yikes I will do it tonight!


Marlene - January 9

I'm 29wks almost 30wks and I got my bag for xmas w/babies going home outfit in it from my mom. I still think its to early to fully pack it so every once in a well when i think of something I out it in the bag.I will have it fully packed by 35wks. Its never to early dont feel silly this is a very exciting time!!


Angela - January 9

I am 36 weeks and just started packing a bag last night. It's kind of hard because a lot of the stuff i want to take is stuff i still need to use! but i'm glad that i'm getting a few clothes (and a going home outfit for the baby) in the bag!


Heather - January 9

I don't think it's ever too early. I'm 37 weeks and when I went to the dr today, he almost set my induction for today, but he is going to wait until thursday when some tests come back, to see if we can wait a little bit longer or go on Thurs. If he had done it today I would have been in trouble, b/c my dh would have had no idea what to bring me! I came home and did some stuff and then tonight I keep getting menstrual-like cramps and back pain and I started thinking "I still don't have my bag packed"! So tonight it got packed finally!! - My daughter's (2 yr old) has been packed for about a week so she can go to a friend's house!


al - January 9

I am almost 34 weeks and my bag is almost packed! I can't pack the last minute items such as my makeup and hair brush...but i have my list all ready so that I can just throw these items in before we leave for the hospital. It's just one less thing to worry about


Ca__sie - January 9

I think I'm gonna run to Walmart and buy an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, etc. to put in my bag and keep it in the car. I can't put my faith on being at home when I go into labor since I will be working until the day go. I figure I can buy all those "last minute" items for no more than $15 or so. It may not be worth it to most of you to do that but my husband is deployed so I won't have anyone to run home to grab my things for me. Also I can be sure I'm not forgetting anything then. Boy I'm a lot of talk for not having packed anything yet! lol I'm at 34 weeks 2 days


ShonaandSanaa - January 10

32 weeks and 3 days. I started to get my bag ready 2 weeks ago and still adding. You never know you could go into labor. Also, you don't want to forget anything so hey why not be prepared!


mrs.sarge - January 10

ive packed mine and im 32 weeks i want to be prepaired if im early and i dont want to leave anything out


JennyC - January 10

Thanks Ladies! It sounds like I am a bit early, judging by the fact that most of you are 34-37 weeks and I'm only at 30. But, most of you said it was never too early to start thinking about it. I like the idea of starting a bag and adding to it as I think of things. That will give me time, but let me actually start working on something too. Thanks again!


Ginny - January 10

I have actually been thinking about the bag for about 5 weeks, and intending to pack it, but every time I got home, it would completely leave my mind. I finally made out a list while I was at work and put it in my purse. I told my husband to keep me accountable, because if not, he would be doing the run home for a nightgown thing. We finally got started last week, and we keep adding to it every time we think of something else (my last addition was a deck of cards - just in case the mood strikes me to play a few rounds LOL!) I am 10 days away from my due date, so we kinda cut it close. If I were you, I would start as soon as I felt like it, because it gives you something to do and think about instead of waiting around to have a baby!


chrisy - January 10

I am at 38 weeks and I packed my hospital bag at 35 weeks. I figured what the hey. If you want to then just do it. It will give you something fun to do!!!



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