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1stbabyforme - October 4

I am 28.3 weeks along now and I really dont like the Dr's office that I go to. Most the staff are rude and snobby. I have blown it off until now. Also there have been a few times where I have had to wait a really long time just to be seen. Today I waited for 2 hours past my appt time just so the dr can ask me "do you have any questions?" Grr...i missed another appt I had because of this. The least they could have done is warned me ahead of time that the Dr was late or something. Honestly I think they are booking too many clients at once. The office opens at 9am and my appt was for 915 and they were already backed up and full of patients. I feel they are very impersonal and I am just another number to them. Do you think its too late to switch drs?


1stbabyforme - October 4

also, the dr is still having me come in monthly, i thought that after 28 weeks you go every two weeks?


Rainbowbrite - October 4

If i were you i'd look for another doctor but that is just because i don't think anyone should feel like that at ANY appt they go to and the fact you had to wait THAT LONG and didn't get an explanation- warning or anything.. yeah i would be looking elsewhere if i was you.


inuk-mama - October 4

Find another dr. it's never too late in my opinion. I switched about your time with my last preg.and was just as happy with the result. GL


countrymom - October 5

I am 33 weeks and I too don't like my doctor's office. I have a number of reasons from their being rude to higher numbers than I am comfortable with of c-sections, inductions and episiotomies. I really didn't do my homework with my first doctor but did thoroughly look into this second doctor.


Tory1980 - October 5

It is never too late for you to change doctors if you are unhappy wth the care you are receiving. If anything I would change now rather than later so you can at least build up a relationship with your new doctor before baby is born.


HeavenisMine - October 5

Change, I urge you, you are going to need that extra comfort and a__surance as you get closer to your due date. You will need proper care:) It is definitely not too late, you have at least 12/11 weeks left!


angeev - October 6

You need to have a doc you are comfortable with and feel you can talk to. I have had to wait past my appointment time but never more than 30 min. And when I get in there, they spend as much time as I need...even for stupid questions. I know they do this with everyone so they run behind at times, but there in no excuse for a 2 hour wait without even so much as an apology or explination. It's not too late, your confidence and comfort with your doc are so important.


synesthesia1821 - October 6

sounds like my drs office too. CONSTANTLY LATE. ALWAYS. and theyre really snobby and rushed all the time. The nurses are TOTAL BITCHES. But even mine has been having me in for bi weekly appts since 28 weeks or so. I would reccomend either finding one that you like ASAP, if they will take you, not to scare you but most docs wont see you this late in the pregnancy, or just toughing it out... im sorry for you... i wish i could change but im 34 weeks so its definitely not happening now! lol. im almost to weekly appointments now.



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