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christineg - May 11

This was more info than my husband even wanted to let me appologize in advance! These last few weeks have been a real challege. I had a UTI and ended up in the hospital for a night on antibiotics last week. I have been taking my meds religiously, but still when I went to the doc yesterday they informed me that I not only still have a UTI, but it's gotten worse, so they gave me a new antibiotic to take. If that wasn't bad enough, the antibiotics I have been taking have given me a yeast infection I got some medication for that too. On the bright side they determined that I was 1 cm dialated and 75% effaced though! Well anyways.....I took the medication for the yeast infection last night. It's one of those creams you do va___ally. Anyone who has had to endure that joy knows that the next morning the cream comes back I was expecting that. However when I got up my panties were soaked with a clear liquid.....not the medicine. I'm not having now I'm wondering "Was that my water breaking??? or was it some weird result of the medicine or what????" Does anybody have any ideas?


mayaB - May 11

yeah.. I've had yeast infections in the past and have had to medicate it v____ally with those things you insert. I remember the stuff coming out the next morning as being very very creamy.. not watery.. I'm 39 weeks and I've had damp panties off and on for a while. I wait it out and it usually stops. so I havent reported amniotic fluid loss. But still Christineg.. if you're worried doesnt hurt to get yourself checked.


christineg - May 11

Can you get checked at the Dr. office or do they have to do it at the hospital? After last week I'm hoping to stay away from the hospital unless I'm having a baby!!


Hi - May 11

Odds are if your water broke it would be a whole lot more than just waking up with wet panties.Was there a big spot on the bed??Have you leaked anymore fliud?? If not i doubt it was your water breaking .


mama-beans - May 11

Damp panties are normal, but REALLY damp panties aren't... Smell them.. smell like urine or sweat? Or is it sweet smelling? Are your fresh panties damp? A slow leak of water is actually pretty common... Just a teaspoon or so an hour, that kind of thing.. It isn't always a gush of fluid. Having any Braxton Hicks? If so, do you "pee" a little uncontrollably when you do? If so, might not be pee, but a slow leak that is strained when getting a BH. Just things to think about...



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