Too Much Movement

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jenna - October 25

anybodys baby moving too much? i am about 33 weeks and have been feeling my son move around in there like crazy since about 15 to 17 weeks. the baby moves so much, that there are many times in the day where i cant do anything. At night i can't sleep, the baby is practically dancing on my mattress as i sleep on my side. just wanna know if anyone else has this too.


Jen - October 25

Me too! I thought the baby was supposed to slow down the bigger it got (I'm 35 weeks), but my little guy just keeps right on going! Now, instead od kicks it's lots of pushing and rolling- which can be very uncomfortable. I just try to remember that all that movement means he is healthy and active- plus he is helping to burn all the calories in the ice cream he demands each night LOL!!!!! Good luck!


LC - October 25

I experienced TONS of movement around 28-34 doc said not to worry a bit. The time to worry is when they are not moving inside. It gets better as time goes by - the baby has less room to move. It's funny how they can drive you crazy (lovingly) and they're not even here yet!


Alissa - October 25

Im 36 weeks and my baby moves alot also it seems like he gets p__sed or something in there and just starts punching the c___p out of my sides. He also gets the hicups about 3 times a day and its always when im trying to lay down and it just cant get comfortable with him hiccuping its cute though. Good luck everyone


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 25

My baby is now ten weeks old and I first felt him move at 14 weeks. He never stopped the whole pregnancy. Even in the last month he never slowed down and it was sooo painful most of the time since there was no room left! He even moved around that much during labor and delivery . He is still non stop. At 33 weeks I had to have surgery for a thrombosed hemhoroid and even though they knocked me out for it, he did not stop moving! It means a healthy happy baby and lots of trouble when they come outLOL!!! Good luck!!


jenna - October 25

just wanted to hear from others if they were getting it too - makes you feel better. you get sooo uncomfortable, sometimes i honestly want to cry from it, partly because i want the pain to stop and partly to stop so i can enjoy every minute of this pregnancy. thanx girls!


Swtpea - October 25

I am at 30 wks this week... and am having a boy, and daddy and I joke about hime already being diagnosed with ADD .. Rofl. He's so active. The past few days have been...odd, with the pain and no sleep. I'm hoping he's growing okay and will slow movement soon just so i can sleep for a full hour at night. LoL, between having to use the restroom, the baby moving, noisy neihbors (we live in a duplex), soreness from carrying the weight, and a broken tooth that acts up now and again giving me a bad head ache.... I swear, once I make it through delivery, I'll be one TOUGH MOMMA.!>!>


Jodie - October 25

I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow and my boy is constantly moving, ive been up since 3am because of it, and when hes not moving he usually has the hiccups


Michelle - October 26

ALL THE TIME! Day and night! I feel this little girl like crazy... Sometimes I even think that she's playing jump rope or has a trampoline in there. I'm due in a little over a month and I wake up every night to her thumping. My mom joked that we should name her Thumper.



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