Too Sensitive About Name Comments

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cindernar - January 19

I opened my big dumb mouth and told my mom and mother-in-law that we're now thinking of another name for my son. The only reason I told them was because I didn't want them running out and buying something with another name engraved on it, because we thought we were pretty set on another name. Well, my mom sends me back her name suggestions, and my mother-in-law says that she "really really loves" our first name, and for our new name, "no comment!" I wasn't asking for her damn opinion! She did the same thing with my other son, so I'm not surprised. We get along well otherwise. Now I'm having second thoughts about the name, and I know that's ridiculous. I could understand if I was naming him something crazy, but the name is Seth. I guess I'm not looking for advice. Just want to vent.


DB - January 19

We kinda went through the same thing. We were pretty dead set on Emma and everyone loves that name, but then I found out it's the number 1 or 2 girl name, so decided to go with Audrey. WOW, did that upset the in-laws. They straight out told us that it's an old lady name and they like Emma better. My FIL even made a disgusted face!! It upset me so much, but I'm over it now. We both love it and we're sticking with it. I know where you're coming from though. And I like the name Seth it's very nice.


savy - January 19

It shouldn't be anyone else's decision except your and your husbands. What I tell everyone is that I appreciate their suggestions, but in the end', we're going to end up naming our boy what we want to name him because we're the ones that made him. My grandma got a little fussy at first, but she got over it.


Carah - January 19

Its funny you brought this up! I came up with a few names when i 1st found out i was pregnant, then changed my mind. Thought i was set again and changed my mind at 5 months. Changed my mind again, so i just told my boyfriend he is gunna have to name our baby otherwise he isnt going to have a name at all! He found a few names and a really good site, so i decided on what he liked! I told my cousin (cause she is close to the family) and you should have heard her on the phone...i thought i was heaing a cat dying. She was like "Ooohhhh Noooooooo, not Nels" And i was thinking wtf?!? I said w/e we both like it, it took my bf long enough to find a name, and i like it. My mom wasnt bad. A week ago she phones me up telling me what names she likes...names that i wouldnt even name my dogs! I just want to slap whoever opens up there big f****ing mouth about what we want to name OUR BABY...Like HELLO?!? If you want to name something, get a cat or dog...or have your own baby! Oh and the middle name is going to be icarus. I told my man if he doesnt want to be in the delivery room then im going to name him something that starts with a "C" cause both our names do. But he doesnt want to be like his sister...even the dogs name starts with an "S" , THere are 5 of them all starting with "S" then the dog which makes #6 =o) , hey i like it, i think its cool! <oh dont think im giving any advice here, or being curel> i was just venting too =0D -Carah


Carah - January 19

Oh and i hate it when people ask us what we are having, SO i tell them. THey tell me i shouldnt have found WHAT?!? If they didnt want to find out,...why the hell did they even ask me? But for my 2nd baby i will try to keep it a secret from myself, altho i dont like secrets.


cindernar - January 19

So good to hear that others feel the same way. I just always hear from my husband and my mom that I'm "too sensitive" about things like that. I say, OK, maybe I am, and I will work on that. In the meantime, why don't others work on not sh*&&%ng on the name that two people have come up with for their child? How's that? Ridiculous. DB, we obviously have similar taste in names because if we were to have a girl, Emily was our first choice. But, like you, we decided against it because it has been No. 1 for like 5 years in a row. So my next girl name was Audrey! LOVE that name! It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, how she was so graceful and elegant. I think it's a beautiful name.... Savy, that's pretty much what I told me mother in law. I replied to her e-mail and told her that she'd get used to it, and that she had no idea how hard it was for my husband and I to agree on a name. I just kept it light. I still like her very much. She just doesn't have any tact sometimes.


cindernar - January 19

People actually say, "You shouldn't have found out"? Maybe you could reply with, "Well, you shouldn't have worn that shirt, but that's really none of my business." It's amazing what people think IS their business.


DB - January 19

That's so funny...I always think of Audrey Hepburn and that's why I think that name is so cla__sic. Plus, it's not too common. Yes, I love those 'you should've waited for the surprise' comments!! It's not your baby so shut up!!!


savy - January 19

As I mentioned before, it's your baby and should name her whatever you feel like it..... you'll regret it later if you don't. People can get so judgemental! At first we were going to name our baby Hughston (pronounced Houston), and my whole family had something bad to say about it and were suggesting names like Dallas and other names in Texas. It was stupid. After I put my foot down and told everyone that they have NO say whats so ever in the naming, they backed off.


cindernar - January 19

Same here, mamagoose. Why not say nothing? Or say something benign, like you suggested. But the thing with your grandma, forgive me for saying, is ridiculous! I mean, really! I guess if she was doing it to be funny, that would be one thing. But doing it in protest... wow!


kaydensmama - January 19

I'm having a girl and naming her Audrey too. I love Audrey Hepburn. My MIL doesnt like the name, but oh well, not her baby!


djh - January 19

Just for laughs, my gramma told my mom to name me.....Penelope Candice...and call me "Penny Candy" for short!!!!! Can you believe it? I can only imagine the horrified look on my mother's face. Also, this gramma had named my mom a rather unattractive family name so I just bet she was serious. Stick to your guns about the name. I only have one cautionary note, as much as you like a name, your kid has to go to school with other kids, so try really hard to think like a bratty 7 yr. old and come up with all the nasty little plays on the name they can conjure up. I gave my son a name that had (*sigh*) the initials aunt (a clever woman...) sent me a card that ended with "kiss little Angel Dust for me!" LOL


iemc19 - January 20

we don't tell anyone our baby's name until they are born...We get lots of suggestions thrown at us - which annoys me no end...they've had their chance at naming their babies ...why do they think they can name ours!! After we had our daughter and announced her name ..Rianna Elizabeth - Rianna was just a name that we liked and I like to choose a family name for the middle name...Elizabeth is on both our sides...Well my mil said she liked it but would prefer Rianna Christine - (her name!!!) or actually when she thought about it she 'much' prefered Christine Elizabeth....???!!! My daughter was hours old and she seriously thought I would change the name to suit her....


DownbutnotOUT - January 20

My MIL is the same way I chose this middle name for my baby if it is a girl, i chose 2 girl names 2 boy names middle names included, and she was like I dont like it so you cant use it. im like WTF your not the mother your lucky im sharing this with you and than I mentioned this really neat boys name I really like and shes like "no are you serious?" once again im like wtf but I just stopped because she was just upsetting me. I started having second thoughts too about the names and than I was like "no i wont let her do this to me II LIKE the names and who cares if she doesnt its what I want!" What I did is call MY mom and told her the names and 1 she was iffy about but was like "its your baby and it is a nice name she was just a__sociating it with a character in a book". she does that, its weird but my mom was 100% supportive on names that made me confident again in my choices. I would talk to someone who will give you positive feedback about the names and stop talking to your MIL about them, personally i think all MIL's are control freaks to a certain point when it comes to new arivals.


juju - January 21

We were gonna name our son after my husband and now we changed it, my father in law isnt fond of the new name we choose because its diffrent. All that matters is that we like it. Not to mention I asked my younger siblings and their friends if they would hang out with a person named that or bully them, they said hang out.


DDT - January 21

When we decided on our little boy's name ...Caden...almost everyone on my side and my b/f's side didn't like the name...we had some wanting to give their suggestions of a name to...we ignored them and also told them we liked the name and thats what his name was going to as I'm nearing the end of the pregnancy they all love the name...sometimes a name has to be gotten used to...I couldn't think of naming my little one anything else...don't let others doubt the name you have picked...


chrissi79 - January 21

I love this post...I stopped telling people what our favourite name was - as we've pretty much settled on it - i got sick of everyone either making a face, or giving me their know what? I don't CARE what you think..LOL So now I just answer with "well we have a few names in mind, but we are going to wait to see her until we finalize it" That seems to give ppl hint without being rude. Carah, I also love when people ask "oh do you know what you're having?" "yes", "oh really? you found out?" Lol, WHY did you ask? my husband and i wanted to why does that make it your business??? I really don't understand people I swear...



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