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Niecy - October 16

I have a terrible toothache and I am 27weeks and high risk. What types of pain relievers can I take?


lisa - October 16

i had a wisdom tooth pulled at 29 weeks. just wanted to let you know you can see the dentist this late in. I believe tylonel is all you can take. i hope you feel better soon.


mom to be - October 16

I had a tooth removed and tooth aches they recommend Tylenol every 4 - 6 hours.. u can always call yoru pharmacy and they will tell u what u can take


Swtpea - October 16

I had a tooth break, in 1/2, then with in 2 weeks, I pretty much lost the rest of it, the only thing left is a small chunk of tooth and a soft tissue hanging down in the middle of where it used to be (not sure if it was the nerve or not). But it hurt so bad, I would have headaches on end. ... my doctor suggested Tylenol as needed, and something like Orajel(but I would definately ask your doctor), since you are high risk, what should do with the situation. Sometimes, they will recomend you go to the dentist anyways, or have the tooth pulled. I have gotten by, I dont take the tylenol or orajel anymore, 'cept maybe once a week, ... hopefully I'll make it 'till afterwards to get to see the dentist =o).


dani - October 16

Hi, I've been working in the dental field for 9 yrs now, and you can take vicodin 1 tablet every 4 hrs. It will not hurt the baby. You can't take it for very long, though, but it is safe to take. You should talk to your dr about it. And your fine to get work done on that one tooth, and one x-ray if needed. Good luck to you.....


For Niecy - October 17

If it's infected pain medication won't help for long or at all. If that happens, see your dentist for antibiotics and treatment asap.


N - October 17

I would go to the dentist. For some reason women with gum disease and other tooth related problems are at higher risk for preterm labour. Since you are already having a high risk pregnancy I would definately have it checked out just to lower any risk. Dental checkups are completely safe during pregnancy, you will want to skip the x-ray though. Like others said, tylenol is one of the safest pain relievers for pregnant women, so take some of those in the mean time.


M - October 21

You don't have to skip x-rays, you only need to have your belly and thyroid covered.



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