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lil mumma - April 30

Hi girls. I'm 41+1 and have tried EVERY induction method known to bring on labour and zilch. I'm seeing the hospital tomorrow regarding induction but am really upset because I was induced with both of my other children and wanted to experience a spontaneous labour with this one. When I was booking in for tomorrows appt the midwife told me that I will be sent to another hospital to be induced and deliver and then transferred back by ambo to the one I'm booked into. They don't do inductions themselves being a low risk facility (???) This means that I will miss the waterbirth I had planned for. I refuse point blank to go to the other hosp she mentioned (I'm a nurse and have seen some shocking examples of neglect of care there) and feel like I'm stuck in a bad dream. Also, they want to give Prostin to initiate labour which I have researched and don't want at all. My waters were broken with my second child and I delivered after4 hours so I want to try that again. Sorry this is soo long winded........I'm as miserable as h__l and just want this all to be over with........ ;-(


lil mumma - April 30

oops! I forgot to ask if anyone else has has experienced anything like this and /or had their whole birth plan go out the window and how they dealt with it? Thanks


Alycia - April 30

Your situation stinks, but you have the freedom to refuse induction, of course. Unfortunately, the low-risk birth center also has the freedom to refuse to treat you when you do go into labor. I would probably go for the spontaneous labor, stay home as long as possible, and go to the hospital (if the low-risk facility wouldn't take me). I'm so sorry this is happening... it's so unnecessary if there are no indications of fetal distress.


bean - April 30

I feel for you. I'm slowly getting there as well. I had planned a whole natural birth and I'm currently 40+3 with no sign of baby. Today dh and I went on a 3 hour hike hoping to help her progress a little. At my last dct apt she hadn't dropped yet and I wasn't the least bit dilated. The dct said she couldn't even consider induction because I wasn't dilated and said if by 41wks there's no progress she'll schedule me for a section. I was too shocked at the office to even comment, but there's no way in hell I'm undergoing major surgery just because the baby's a little slow in coming around. The only thing I can say is we both have to stand our ground and hope our little ones make their way into the world before the dcts force us into bad situations. Best of luck!


angelbebe - April 30

OH, that's frustrating!! I would be since I plan on having a natural birth at home, and possibly in water. You have tried all natural remedies? Have you been talking with you little one about that fact that it is time now? : ) It sure seems like baby and your body knows the right time and that we shouldn't need medical intervention for something like that. Are you dialating or effacing at all? I agree with Alycia...I would stay home as long as possible focusing all your attention on getting labor started. Visualize it happening rather than not. I am curious to see how it works out for you! Hang in there and don't give in to the doc's yet!


bean - May 1

Dh and I both talk to the baby all the time - telling her it's past her "birthday" and a May Day baby (today) would be wonderful! I hope she's listening. We finished all our "do before baby is here" list and now we're both ready for her to arrive. Just trying to stay as relaxed as possible... but it is frustrating.


Alycia - May 1

I feel for you, too, bean. I can't imagine how frustrating that would be. Like angelbebe, I'm having a homebirth, and I'm NOT going to be induced unless there are very clear indications of distress. Women can and do go beyond 42 weeks (God forbid!) with perfectly healthy babies and placentas. As for visualization, I've been picturing my cervix effacing and dilating all week (I'm 39 weeks now), and I say things like, "My cervix is yawning open." It sounds crazy, but I do actually start to have menstrual-type cramps when I do it, so maybe it's actually doing something. It can't hurt to try!



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