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Gemini_Girl - January 21

Hiya, am I the only one that feels a little uncomfortable when people, other than close friends and family touch my swollen belly? Like the other day it was some old woman in the supermarket, then my SIL's boyfriend had a feel and my mums boyfriend's children who are 2 teenage boys and 4 year old all touching it the same time and I felt like saying "BACK OFF" I mean I wouldnt touch someone unless I knew them really well, am I just being silly?


jmejo2 - January 21

my brother-in-law likes to do not only that but poke me in the belly trying to make her move. It makes me sooooooo uncomfortable. I don't like people touching me unless I say it's ok for them to touch me anyways. This isn't a free pa__s!


sarah21 - January 21

I haven't had a stranger poke at me yet. But there is definitely a limit to how much contact I allow even people I know. The only people I'll let poke to make her move is my husband and my mom. Other people I don't mind if they see me touching my belly, ask if she's moving, and then try to feel her themselves. It doesn't bother me at all. But definitely too many people at a time would get on my nerves. Just remember it is still your body and you have a right to tell someone you're not comfortable with them touching your belly.


treshala - January 21

With me i think it really depends on the person. I was at the hospital the other day with my friend who had her baby. Her nurse name was Heather and she was really really nice and just had a positive energy about herself...she ASKED to touch my belly before she did it and i was ok with that...i actually welcomed it. i havent just had someone i didnt know at all just walk up and touch it though...thats sort of weird. I mean...what do you do to say "no" without looking like a complete b&$*$ lol. I would probably act like im hurting or having a contraction lol (knock on wood hehe) I dont think you are being silly at all. If you dont feel comfy about it i say dont let others touch your belly. That does seem like alot of people rubbing it at one time lol. My aunts b/f asked to rub my belly and i did let him but i was a little awkward about it. My b/f was there too and he didnt like it...but i mean what do you say???


sarah21 - January 21

I would just say, "I am not comfortable with you touching my belly. I'm sorry if it offends you." Maybe try the ol' "It's not you, it's me." Hehe. Or just put your own hands on your belly and block access and hope they get the message.


treshala - January 21

LMAO at "It's Not you Its me" such a guy line lol. I like that one though...i was thinking maybe a karate chop lol


sarah21 - January 21

Lol I suppose that would get the message across, too!!


cayingo - January 21

I've had only 2 belly touching encounters that have made me think, "WTF." At my dh's office Christmas party last month one of the guys he works with (who he was in the process of introducing me to) reached over and put his hand on my tummy. Then yeseterday at my shower one of my mom's friends actually lifted my shirt up and put her bare hands on my bare tummy. THAT was a serious, WTF!! I would NEVER EVER touch someone that way. It usually doesn't bother me. Pregnancy is a beautiful time and it makes me happy to know that the baby growing inside me makes others happy or nostalgic. BUT there are limits.


sarah21 - January 21

Whew bare belly touching!! Yikes! I think I would have hit someone if they did that.


renaye - January 21

oh my gosh i so know what you mean i hate it so much~i dont mind my familey but when it comes to the guys at work i hate it


cors1wfe - January 21

LMAO - with my first son I got so sick of strangers touching my belly especially the bigger I got - that when my cousin and I went out in public he was the belly interceptor - if anyone even appeared to be heading for my belly he would get between us and say - sorry she really doesn't like strangers touching her belly and he was always there in case people got stupid he was my one man entourage - I was single with my first and he was a great support - but that poor guy really was there for me and helped me out in my time of need - he started doing that after I went off on some old lady for touching me for good luck? uh ok - get an 8 ball for luck crazy lady....


rrc - January 21

I heard there's three ways to deal with this... 1) just tell them "I know it's tempting and all, but I'd rather you didn't touch my belly" 2) Physically dodge the bullet. They should get the idea when you actually move out of the way. Could also combine #2 with #1. 3) and my personal favorite... Return the gesture and rub their belly!!! They may think twice before they rub another pregnant woman's belly without asking!


treshala - January 21



cors1wfe - January 21



treshala - January 22

lol that would work...i can picture ME with black eyes from lack of sleep and hair looking crazy and blaring at someone thru one of those "speakerphones" yelling that...PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM THE BELLY!!! lol. thats so funny...i really think we could make some money lol


cors1wfe - January 22

Treshala -- lmao - what state are you in - i am in Calirfornia and I seem to be the only night owl on this late. Just curious .....I am only in my 2nd Tri I just try to find some active threads at night when my dh is watching news news and more news....ZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZZ LOL so mean have you been to the "confessional" that is a fun one


Gemini_Girl - January 22

Haha - thanks girlies responses really make me laugh - glad to know im not alone!



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