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terri - December 13

i am just curious as to if anyone knows what toxcima is and what causes it and what are the effects of having this during pregnancy..went to outpatients last night due to swelling and they told me to watch for headaches or pains in chest...and said that it might be toxcima and i am just wondering more information about it and if they thought that it might be than why not perform a there a test to detect toxcima?


for terri - December 13

This is from the Internet--there is really no way to test for it, except to watch your blood pressure and protein in the urine (and things like headaches and abdominal pain): Every year thousands of women suffer from pregnancy induced hypertension. This disease has two names, Toxemia and Preeclampsia. It is estimated that 7 out of every 100 pregnant women will develop Toxemia to some degree. Mild Toxemia is monitored closely and usually causes very little problems for the mother or child. However, when Toxemia becomes severe it can cause many health problems. There is no known cause for Toxemia. The facts they do know so far include the following. Toxemia starts to develop as your placenta begins to develop, although it may not be detected until the later part of your pregnancy. Most cases of Toxemia happen with first pregnancies. Second and subsequent pregnancies are at lower risk, unless the woman is with a new partner. Since they don't know what causes it, there is no way to tell if a woman is at risk before she gets pregnant. It is very important to make sure you see your doctor regularly during your pregnancy so he or she can detect any signs of Toxemia. They check your blood pressure for this reason. As it starts to rise, this is the first evidence of Toxemia. Other symptoms include bloating of the hands, feet and face due to your body retaining fluids. Your urine is checked for protein levels at each visit. If the protein level in your urine rises, it is another sign of Toxemia. Some of the health problems a__sociated with Toxemia can be very dangerous to the mother and the child. Besides, high blood pressure there are other things that can go wrong with your health. Toxemia can create liver and kidney damage or failure. It can cause problems with your eyesight. If left untreated for too long, it can cause the patient to go into convulsions. These convulsions can lead to coma and even death. This is because your blood pressure just keeps rising higher and higher. Such high blood pressure can also cause a stroke. Any of these health problems can affect the baby as well. If a mother is in danger, her baby will be in danger also. Toxemia is not something to mess around with. It is very important to follow your doctor's orders strictly when you find out you have developed this disease. Some women are lucky and can have it controlled with mild doses of high blood pressure medication. However, in other women they are sent to bed for the remainder of their pregnancy. This will not stop Toxemia, but it is an attempt to slow down its progress.



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