Tracy88 Where Have You Been

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d - March 15

Hey girl.. I am still waiting for my dh to take some pics of my big belly. It has finally popped. My mom saw me yesterday for the first time in about 3 weeks and said "WOW, you finally popped!.. Amazing how my belly just decided to show up... Less than 4 weeks to go and I am just sooo uncomfy.. Yesterday it was 78 degrees here and I was roasting all day and all night long... Go figure we are getting snow now for the next 2 days now.. LOL... We were supposed to start lamaze last week but it was cancelled until this week... Cutting it very close. I said to dh if it gets cancelled again we can forget it.... So hopefully we will be going tonight. I was soo looking forward to it last week and this week too of course. How are you feeling? Any word on the closing of the houses?


Tracy88 - March 15

I'm here!!!! No house deals have been determined yet. DH asked his dad if we should just go ahead and rent a house and his dad said to wait at least one more week, so by Monday we should know something (I hope). Man, you must be gettin so excited. Are you nervous, just really ready to meet him, or both? I know it's exciting to start Lamaze cla__ses and such, but everyone I know says that the parts they liked the best were the back ma__sages and the tour of the delivery wing! Since I am on bed rest, I don't even know if I will get to go. No matter what though, I am going to make it to my Newborn Care cla__s. That one is most important to me. I want to go to infant CPR, but not sure if doc will allow it right now. I have been busy checking my blood sugar (gestational diabetes) and trying to eat well. My weight gain is actually reversing and I am losing a little weight as the baby gains, so it seems like my weight hasn't moved now for two weeks. It's actually gone down a pound in the last few days! I see the doctor on Monday for another cervix check and they are going to check the baby's weight and such that day. I have been seeing the doctor a lot! I really want to see a picture of you at some point! I'm so glad that the biggest problem you have is discomfort. You are so fortunate to have had such a smooth pregnancy! I'm glad someone has been able to pretty much enjoy it. It's hot here in Florida too. You are lucky to get a reprieve with some snow. I wish we lived up north. I keep looking forward to my trip we are going to be taking to New York in December because I know it will be cold. December is a long time from now though. First I must survive the brutally disgusting summer here with a newborn!


Tracy88 - March 16

Dee, where are you???? Did you have the baby or what? Hope you're ok!


d - March 16

Hey I am ok. Just in pain. have severe soreness in the lower abdomen. I posted a thing on that. feels almost like I was riding a horse for a few days. I can't sit down at the pc long. It is very uncomfy.


Tracy88 - March 16

Well, take it easy and post when you can. I know some other women who are having that type of pain as well. Hang in there....not much longer!



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