Traveling In The 3rd Tri

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tracielee - October 18

boy, i'm going to be on the move this trimester! DH and I are private contractors, and are working in peru. i am currently 28 weeks and made an international flight from peru to chile, which went really well. the baby moved a lot during take off but seemed to settle down for the rest of the flight. at 30 weeks i have another international flight from chile to the US ( we are on the home stretch, to finally arrive where we will have the baby!). I'm not nervous about that flight. But again at 32 weeks i have a short 3 hr flight to the state where we will have the baby. everyone keeps asking me if i have permission to fly. i will be seeing a doctor here in chile and hope to get a note that states when my due date is (jan 8th) so i can show it to the airlines in case they ask. i don't want to run into any problems during that last flight at 32 weeks. i just wanted to share because i am a little nervous about this. thankfully i've had a really healthy pregnancy so far. i just want to get to the last destination to finally be close to the hospital where we'll have the baby.


evae777 - October 18

i know that certain airlines, like United have restrictions for those over 8 mths pregnant because they do not want to make any emergency landings etc. but i think really it is your discretion, if you feel okay most airlines cannot reject you and they just need a note so they won't be liable and at the same time the note from the doctor frees them of liability as well. something like that! but that's exciting the places that you are traveling. im jealous! i wish i could hang out in peru and chile. i'm stuck at home.. grrr...


January - October 19

Most airlines don't require a letter from the Dr until after your 36th week and they take your word of your due date before then. Check with your airline to see what they require. Lots of times you can find the info online as well, that's what I did.



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