Traveling In The 3rd Trimester Question

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HannahBaby - April 24

Hi ladies. I am only 15 weeks pregnant but have a double wedding that i need to go to in September, My husbands 2 sisters are having a double wedding in September, we live in NY then live in NC its a 12 hour drive. Im going to see a doctor the day before i leave and if everything is ok we are going to go. I was just wondering if anyone has ever traveled that far by car at 34-35 weeks. Thanks in advance


bean - April 24

Ohmigod no... but I think I'd have to pee every 12 minutes! That's going to be a long long drive. You'll just have to wait and see how comfortable you are at that point. I'm nearly 40 wks, and just the thought of getting in the car and trying to buckle that seatbelt makes me have to pee. :)


mewilk - April 24

I am 35 weeks and last week I traveled to Long Island, NY to see family for Easter, I live in Pennsylvania, it is about a 4 hour drive. I was a nervous reck all weekend. Just the thought of being that far away scared me. Before I left I saw my Dr. and she said that as long as you know of friends and family, maybe even a Dr/hospital near by you should be fine. Which I did know of people/Dr's since I grew up on L.I. But still, I did not want to deliver there. The trip there was horrifying to me because of all the bumps along the way, I was getting BH contractions most of the way there. I certainly would suggest traveling that far away, but you know your body and how you feel, so go with that. Good luck!


mewilk - April 24

Correction to my last sentence, I meant to say I certainly wouldn't suggest traveling that far away.


maxsmom - April 24

Is it possible to put off making a decision for just a little bit longer? I would have been fine to take that kind of trip at 35 weeks, personally. As long as there were plenty of stops and lots of stretching and bathroom breaks. Now at 38 weeks, that sounds absolutely impossible. What a difference a few weeks make. I think as you get closer you may have a better idea of how you will be feeling. Good luck!!!


Rakklk - April 24

I travelled from Las Vegas to the Cayman Islands at 31 weeks. I went to the doctor the day before and was checked. It felt great just to get away and relax, I walked the entire time I was there. Baby is ok and I am 41 weeks inducing in 3 days.


ReneeM - April 24

I was suppossed to go to my husband's neice's weeding in a little less than 2 weeks. At that time I will be 34 almost 35 weeks. I had made plans to go back in Dec. But just my last visit to the doctor, I asked my midwife if it was ok (its a 5 hour drive), she said no. She said it was too close for her to feel comfortable with me being that far away, that close to my due date. But to tell you the truth, I was kind of relieved. When I made these plans I was still in my 2nd tri and felt good and was much smaller!. Now the thought of getting into a nice dress and being out in the sun and heat (its an outdoor wedding on the coast) is just not something I want to do right now at all! And the thought if a 5 hour drive, I just don't think I would be comfortable at all! Also, just consider, it can still be very warm in sept in NC (that is where I live). And you do not tolerate heat as well in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I am already feeling the effects of heat and it is just April!


HannahBaby - April 24

i didnt get too big with my daughter (not to say that i wont this time) but if my blood pressure is good (had trouble at the end with my daughter) and my cervix is closed, im going to go wheter my dr says he doesnt WANT me to. If he says No you CANNOT go because....then i wouldent go. Its just so important that we be there. The wedding is going to be inside and airconditioned, we are getting there the day before the wedding and leaving the next day, then stopping in virgina beach for a few days on the way home. im so nervous about going though.


mom2b2x - April 24

I would ask your doc but traveling that far and being that far along in pregnancy you could go into labor because of the drive ... i have a friend who drove 2.5 hours somewhere and did what she had to do and came back and went into labor that night ... i would still ask doc but i am afraid he will say it is not a good idea ...


2Bamom - April 24

When you say you would have your doctor see if it is ok the day you leave, do you mean an internal? Because even though it is rare that could bring on labor. Believe me, I am 36 weeks, there is no way you will want to take a 12 hour car ride that far along.


Steph - April 24

Not to be a smarta__s...but I wouldn't travel that far/long in a car even if I wasn't pregnant let alone 34-35 weeks! :o)


HannahBaby - April 24

well this is his family and i really dont mind the drive, it goes by pretty fast with a dvd player. Its important that we go and he wont go if i CANT go, so if theres nothing wrong with me theres no reason why i shouldent go. Ill be 35 weeks


Steph - April 24

Seems to me you've made up your mind...if your doc allows you to go, then you will. Have a nice trip.


3babies - April 24

Hi Hannah, how early do you have to reply to the wedding? I have done a couple of 7 hour drives at that same stage of pregnancy with no trouble except for general discomfort. Remember how stretched your tummy feels in those last few weeks, and how sore your back can get sitting for long periods? I also experienced a lot of BH contractions, but I seemed to have a bit of trouble with them anyway, so I couldnt say it was necessarily the drive. I just find that doctors usually recommend against it on the just in case scenario, and then they have covered themselves. If you feel comfortable going, then you should go.


HannahBaby - April 25

i dont really have to reply they are my husbands sisters. I never got big with my daughter, at all, so i dont really know about the discomfort that you ladies are talking about. I was never uncomfortable. I also have a trail blazer so its not like ill be squished in a little car. We will see what happens. thanks for all your advice


Nora1 - April 25

Maybe it's not this way for everyone, but I am 31 weeks and I cannot stand to sit in the car for a 1 hour trip even! My back and side begin aching to the point of tears! It's miserable. So I DEFINITELY could not sit in the car for a trip that long. I guess I'd just see how you are at that point -maybe you'd be ok?!


Tillie - April 25

You sound like your mind is made up already, HannahBaby, but I'm currently 33 weeks and even a 3 hour car ride is already really hard for me. Have you considered flying? 2 to 3 hours in the air might be a lot easier on your body than 12 hours in the car...



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