Trouble Breathing

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Jadejewels - February 24

Has anyone else had trouble breathing while laying down? I never had this with eithe rof my two children but I have read some where that it happens. I can breath it's not like I'm turning blue or anything but I do feel like my lungs are being compressed. It's the worst feeling and it makes it really hard to get to sleep :(...


missycc4 - February 24

How far along are you. I'm 40 weeks today.I have the samething but mine happens through out the day. I could get up and go to the kitchen and can't breath. I don't really have that problem when I go the bed. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom. It is the worse feeling. I told my Dr about it and she said that its a part of pregnancy and it will get better and go away after you have the baby.


Jadejewels - February 24

I'm 33 and a half weeks but I have to go for a grown scan because my doctors all think I'm measuring ahead of my weeks. Great for you that you're done! My prayers for a healthy and speedy delivery :0)


Alison - February 24

I was like that towards the end of my pregnancy with my DD even when I laid on my side to sleep (which was all the time as lying on my back I REALLY couldn't breathe lol) x


mary b - February 26

Don't sleep on your back at all, that will help w/ the breathing...sleep only on your sides..or in a reclining chair...


SaraH - February 26

If I'm on my back at times I will, but lying on my side will generally help (although sometimes one side doesn't seem to help but when I turn to the other side it will...strange). Also I've noticed that sometimes the shortness of breath feels worse if something is pinching in my mid/upper back (in the ribcage area). Also during the day if I'm walking around alot, I'll start puffing pretty good. I'm 34.5 weeks and I know exactly what you mean about the feeling that your lungs are being compressed...which I'm sure is probably actually what is happening. All I can suggest for lying down is try staying on your side and if it's really bad maybe propping yourself up on some pillows would help. ? Good luck. --oh by the way do any of you girls feel out of breath if you eat too much? LOL sounds crazy, but honestly I sometimes feel really really out of air when I've eaten a big meal. It's like my stomach gets full and takes up even more room under the diaphragm, making breathing even more difficult : ) good luck to everyone.


Kristin11 - February 27

I am 33 weeks but my son is sitting really high in my abdomen and i am constanly out of breath. I cant wait for him to drop.



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