Trouble Getting Up

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SamiB - July 7

I am 33 weeks now and especially after sleeping I have the worst time getting up. Not because my belly is in the way, but my pelvis feels like it's going to explode. I can't even roll over in the middle of the night because it just won't work. It is really painful, but kinda hard to describe. After I get stood up I almost fall over because it hurts so bad. Is anybody else experiencing something like this?


SuzieQ - July 7

Yes! And I'm only 28 weeks on sunday. I wake up every time I need to move, and by morning it hurts to roll over, hurts to sit up for the first few minutes - but it does go away after I am up and moving for awhile. My shoulders and hips ache too from the extra weight when sleeping - geez! Thank goodness there's only a few months left! My doctor recommended taking my time while getting up, slowly moving to an upright position instead of just getting up instantly - hope that makes sense... and also try sleeping propped up too.


Ca__sie06 - July 7

I know exactly what you mean!! I have only had pain in one side though. I am almost 36 weeks and my whole pelvis hurts like it is out of place or something. But my left side hurts the worst, it is a stabbing, shooting pain from my pelvis down the inside of my thigh all the way to my knee! Sometimes it gets so bad that my leg locks from the pain and I try to stand up and end up falling down because my leg wont work!! Oh well! It will all be over soon!!


Lashunda - July 7

38 1/2 weeks and I'm still having trouble getting up. It hurts so much that I have to time myself to turn slowly to the other side because of the pain. Ugh!!


Evonna - July 7

Yes, i am experiencing the same problem. I hate it but there isn't anything i could do to make this discomfort go away. I am 35 weeks & 6 days pregnant and feel like i've already dropped because everytime i walk, i feel this pain in my groin (mostly in the cervix) where it just hurts and i think her head is right there ready for me to pop her out.


krc - July 7

i am 36 weeks and i've had this problem for about 3 weeks now. My pain isn't so much my entire pelvis but really just my pubic bone. It is most intense when im sleeping ( trying to sleep that is, LOL ). I think when my body is in the lying down position for soo many hours my pelvis gets relaxed, and when I wake up anywhere from 5-10 times a night to pee it is excruciating pain. Rolling from one side to the other is also a very painful ordeal I must do very slowly and carefully. It takes me a good minute to get ot of bed at night. 1st I a__sist myself in slowly sitting up so the baby can settle into a different position, then I painfully and slowly move to the edge of the bed and sit upright for about 30 seconds before getting up !!! And sometimes my pubic bone hurts soo bad that if im in the middle of my bed I slowly tun pver so im on my hands and knees and crawl out of bd backwards !!! LOL I imagine I look funny but what do I care !!!! But once im up and moving around the pain usually subsides. Like I said, it's mostly when im lounging for more than a few hours that it hurts.


piratesmermaid - July 7

Yep, me too. I'm currently almost 39 weeks, and I've been having pelvis/hip/lower back pain since about 29 weeks. In the beginning I went to a physical therapist that she helped A LOT. It started out that my hip joints and the joints in my sacrum (the lowest part of your back) was too tight. Gradually they got too loose, but that's normal right now. Our hips and pelvis is loosing up for baby to come out and it hurts so freakn bad! I swear in the mornings I can hear my bones rattling around in my hips because they're so loose. And when I turn over (or attempt to) at night, my lower back and my hips pop and move, which causes most of the pain. But like most of you, all the pain goes away after a few hours of being up out of bed.



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