True Labor

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CHante - August 11

How will I know if my braxton hicks are making me dialate without seeing a doctor everytime I 'm hurting?I went to the doc on Mon and explained to her that I was having contractions, she checked me and said that I was fingertip but still thick. What is finger tip?


J - August 11

How far along are you???


Amie - August 11

Probably about 1 cm. If your careful and have clean hands you can do a self check.


miranda - August 11

You don't need to know if they are making you dilate, if it's just BH. Only if they become regular and stronger should you be concerned. A fingertip is just 1 cm, and if you've had children before, you have probably been 1 cm for your whole pregnancy.


chante - August 12

I am 31 weeks


J - August 12

Apparently stupid, but how do you do a self check, and know you're doing it right??? Sounds scary, but I feel lots of pressure and have bh a lot, so I was wondering if I've dialated too....


Amie - August 12

There was a comment made on one of the other posted questions about it. The best person to ask if you are doing it right is your dr or mw but if you can feel your cervix you should be able to tell if there is a change from day to day or not. There was something in the post about if its the size of a cheerio hole then its 1 cm and a bagel sized hole would be 10 cm. Just make sure to have clean hands and clipped finger nails.


m - August 12

hey gals, I would be really careful about doing this self-checking. Too many exams even by a dr can cause infections that can harm the baby. You don't need to know how dilated you are if you aren't in labor, and you'll know if you're in labor. I just don't want to see anybody have a bad outcome over a little curiosity.


Amie - August 12

So you can have s_x whenever you want but can't check on things? :) I'm not arguing with you M but there really isn't big cause for concern unless your waters have broken. But yes, you do need to be careful still.


Chante - August 12

I didn't mean for this to become an argumentative subject. I just wanted to know if there was a proven fact known if you could be dialting by just having Braxton Hicks. And I'm not that eager to find out by checking myself. I personally think that's kinda weird.


Amie - August 12

I wasn't arguing just being silly :) and yes you can dialate from BH contractions.



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