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amanda - October 6

Hi, I am trying to get everyone that already knows the gender of their baby, to try this gender prediction so we can all see how accurate it is. Please post back here and say if it was accurate or not. Here is the website, remember to copy and paste the website but a problem happens when posting the website here it adds extra dashes - - so please take out the dash in compatibility and html. Here it is and have fun:


X - October 6

it isn't free like you said it is


amanda - October 6

Yes it is free.


jessie - October 6

i attempted, but i have to wait a few days. i'll let you know what they predict!


Ashlie - October 6

It was free for me... Now I am just waiting to see what they say


michelle - October 6

they wanted me to pay for it


jessie - October 6

did you go to the page and scroll all the way down? they ask various questions and you submit it. you shouldn't have to click on any other links...


??? - October 6

I can't find the site....can you re-type the address?


Jennifer - October 6

Cant find it...can u retype


jessie - October 6

i got my reply - they predicted a BOY with a 70% total accuracy rate. And, yes, they were correct. According to my 21 week u/s, I AM having a boy. (To get to the site, you have to copy and paste the url above but then remove the dash breaking up the word compatibility and the last two dashes in "htm-l-").


Ashlie - October 6

I got my results back, they gave me 70% of having a boy and according to my U/S I am spose to be having a boy. How cool, huh?


amanda - October 10

That is cool 2 right already! I think this site has a good record from what I heard.


yes - October 10



Mary - October 10

For curiosity's sake I did it as well. I was told I am having a boy on my 26 week U/S. The tech was 99% sure of it. The results of this site: 90% sure it will be a boy if I am sure about the conception date (which I am). So count another correct estimation. I am bookmarking this site so I can get a prediction on my second baby in like 2 yrs from now. :) Very Cool.


amanda - October 11

Thanks girls for reporting your results. This website really does know what there doing so it seems! It won't be free forever girls. We all appreciate your results. Thanks.


Angie - October 11

Well, I got my results today. They told me girl. We had us and that said boy. So, I guess now we wait for the baby to be born. haha.


Maggie - October 11

I got the results of my u/s before my prediction. The prediction was a girl, and I am definately having a girl so it was right on for me.



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