Tummy High Making My Bra Hurt Me

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Erynn21 - July 7

Hey I'm 32 wks and my tummy is still really high, I know the baby is pushing everything up, but my bras are killing me because my stomach is rubbing on it. I have to wear them though, but I am getting really raw underneath my bust from sweating. Does anyone have any suggestions, I know this is a weird one and I'm just going to have to suffer, but I thought I'd try. Thanks.


mcatherine - July 7

You're not wearing underwire are you you? I have stayed pretty much in spaghetti strap sports bras the entire time. When my sister was pregnant she discovered the Fruit of the Loom sport bra (which is more like the top of a tank top than a sports bra) and pa__sed her wisdom on to me. I have to admit they are very comfortable and supportive for a pregnant D cup. I have been able to avoid the rubbing and rawness I got with my first pregnancy. Of course I can't reveal clevage when wearing them, but at this stage I am mostly living in T shirts anyways. Also you can try putting baby powder underneath your bust line before you put on your bra - it stops the chaffing and rawness.


Kara H. - July 7

I had to go out and by several bras that were not underwire due to my regular ones hurting me so bad. I actually bought a couple of soft cup nursing bras (one size bigger) which have been really comfy, and will also meet my post-pregnancy needs as well.


Tanna - July 7

My b___bs are way too big to walk around in non-underwire bras. I always put baby powder under my b___sts before I put my bra on. Maybe that will help you. ???


Soontobemom - July 7

Try when your home wearing a cami, or like I do, don't wear anything. Give your body time to breath alittle, maybe that would help you.


Erynn21 - July 7

Thanks ladies, all of these comments have helped me. I am wearing underwires, but I just got new bras and they are fitting better, I think the other ones are a little stretched out. I also cannot wear a sports bra, I get too much unib___b, and cannot deal and with what I wear I would look bad. The baby powder thing is a great idea, I use it on my thighs why not under my bust. I actually get home from work and put on my swimsuit and go in my pool which feels great. Then I take that off after I swim and let the girls be free, that is also because if I don't do that I get burning nipple pain so I have to do that. I'm too afraid to buy nursing bras yet because I just don't know what size I will be and don't want to spend a bunch of money on bras I may not wear. Thank again ladies, I thought I might be alone on this one.


apr - July 8

I had the same, I was in such pain, but I had no choice and go into softer non wired bras, but now I am back to my underwired, I guess babys dropped. I am very close to labour



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