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DAYTONA - March 6

HEllo.. I have just come back from the doctors and my tummy measurement has gone from 34 to 38 in 2 weeks! they want me to go for a scan in 2 weeks to see if there is any reason why....has anyone beenlike this? they said it feels like its fluid in there..but just to make sure they will do the scan..plus i have done the diabetes test and that was all good..im confused on how this can happen..i mean how my stomach can grow so much in 2 weeks..i also didntput on any weight for about6 weeks then all of a sudden in 2 weeks i put on 2kgs which i think is about 4 pounds..i hope i dont carry on putting that much weight on every week..:(


SarahB - March 7

DAYTONA- I had the same thing happen to me last week I was 30.5 wks and measuring 34.5. I have to go in for an US on Thurs and see what is causing it. Dr said baby could be big or there could be a lot of fluid or it could be nothing. I also put on 8 lbs. in 4 wks before I went to the dr and that is over half of what I had gained to that point. Dr said the baby may have just had a growth spurt and not to worry too much about it. hope it helps to know you arent the only one, but I dont have any clue why it happens. SORRY


Emma - March 7

I have the opposite problem, I was measuring at 34 wks at my 32wk visit, then at my 34 wk visit, i measured 31 wks. I have an ultrasound booked for next week. Hope everything is ok with us.


AlluringGoddess - March 7

I just wanted to add that you shouldn't worry just yet... I was measuring the same for a couple of weeks and the doctor is also sending me for an ultrasound but a__sured me that it could be nothing... could be that you weren't measured quite the same way as the time before or could even be what you ate that day. The weight gain could also be the baby plumping up, they gain the most in the last few weeks.... so hopefully for all of us it ends up being something that simple, I guess we'll see when we go for the ultrasounds.... I wish you luck...


L - March 7

I had the same thing happen a few weeks ago. Keep in mind that we are talking centimeters here and that is a very small unit of measurement with potential for human error when they are measuring. For example the tape measure may have been placed a bit lower on your pelvis during one exam, or the baby was stretched more, etc.


Tess - March 7

Thats what happened to me too last wk. (during my reg. check up) I was 29 wks and my Dr. said Im measuring 31 wks. They also want me to go for an u/s in 3 wks (ill be 32 wks by then) They also mentioned about the fluid in there and about the baby..(only the u/s will tell)


Kel - March 7

Same thing happened here. Stomach was measuring larger than it should so they sent me for an ultrasound cause they thought I would have a big baby. The baby is actually on the smaller side and my fluid was normal. Now this week, my fluid is on the low side but nothing to worry about. The measurement is just an estimate so I'm sure all is well. They just do the ultrasound to confirm everyrhing is good.


N - March 7

Same thing happening to me! I'm 29 weeks and had a prenatal appointment today and I measured 33 wks, so I'm being booked for an ultrasound. The doctor said she had difficulty feeling the baby and thought I might have an increase in amniotic fluid.


DAYTONA - March 7

Hi everyone..thanks for that i feel much better now knowing im not the only one.also yeh the doctor said it feels more like fluid so im really hoping thats what it is..i got tested for the diabetes and all that stuff and it was fine..so yeh hopefully its the fluid and not the baby getting huge! lol thanks


alison - March 8

I also had this...at not quite 33 weeks I was measuring for 35...they did the ultrasound and, like Kel, the baby was actually a little small and the fluid was fine. The doctor says it is just because the baby is straight up and down and it stretches the uterus a little larger. He said it was absolutely nothing to worry about. Good luck to all of you who are about to have your u/s!



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