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Carla - June 26

Hi, I am 30 weeks pregnant and was wondering how many of you ladies out there eat tunafish. My dr told me to limit myself to once a week and to buy the canned light tuna. Of corse knowing i can only have it once a week i want ot all the time.


mcatherine - June 26

The thing about tuna is that it is proven to contain mercury - which is dangerous to your baby's developing brain and a known cause of autisim. I'm like you - once they say I shouldn't have something, it becomes a craving for me. I really would love a tunafish sandwhich on rye! Canned tuna, however, I do avoid - just like fresh tuna, grouper and chilean sea ba__s. It's a judgement call - kind of like that occasional gla__s of wine that's always debated between women. If you trust your doctor, eat away!!!!


Been There - June 26

I think limiting yourself to once per week will be fine. You may try a slight subst_tute. Do you like chicken salad? I had my quota of tuna salad last week, so I chose chicken salad instead. It worked for me. I know they don't taste the same, but it was a meaty (for lack of a better word) salad with the same ingredients.


Kspa - June 27

Also, selenium and vit e limit the toxicity of mercury. Take vit e in addition to your multi vit.


boolie79 - June 27

wow isnt it ironic that i am cooking a macaroni and tuna salad right now.. lol.. i am 30 weeks prego as well...i dont eat tuna often for this pregnancy,, but for my very first pregnancy i didnt know about not eating it and i ate it alot.. however my daughter is now 6 and very bright.. so maybe i was just very lucky!


Been There - June 27

Boolie, I agree with you. Just like this nitrate thing and lunch meat and hot dogs. Yet, with my last two pregnancies, it was even mentioned. I loved hoagies and hot dogs and ate pretty much whatever I wanted. It's almost like as the years go on, they all of the sudden just start ruling things out. Is it necessary or just "we think"? It makes me wonder because both of my other children are just fine.


dy - June 29

oh, now i want some macaroni and tuna :(


CaliTrish - June 30

Mercury can be found in small amounts in any fish. However, because of the health benefits, the FDA recommends eating up to 12 oz of fish or shellfish a week which can include canned light tuna. Other popular choices are shrimp, wild salmon, pollack, and catfish. Exercise caution when eating albacore (white) tuna, which has more mercury than canned light tuna - limit this type of tuna to 6oz per week. Also avoid eating fish most likely to have high levels of methyl mercury, including shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish. Large, long-lived, predatory ocean fish have the highest mercury levels.


ren05 - July 3

hi, when i was pregnant i only ate 1 can of tuna a week but i also ate salmon high in omega 3 not as risky as tuna so i've heard.


Been There - July 3

Ren05, I've read that Salmon has even higher levels of mercury than tuna. I swear all these forbidden foods can drive a person crazy. Aren't we all glad this will soon be over and then we can go back eating whatever we want. I'm going to have a gigantic strawberry dacquiri just flowing with coconut rum to wash it all down.



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