Turning The Baby

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misschrissie - February 4

Hi All, I'm not due until May but at my last appointment I asked my doctor when the baby is supposed to turn and what would happen if it didn't. He told me that if it didn't turn by 36 weeks that they would send me to see a specialist that would try to turn it and if that didn't work, I would probably need a c-section. Here's my question (sorry if it's stupid)- How do they "turn" a baby???


jessicaspatherapist - February 4

they do it manually by pressing on your stomach with their hands. i saw it yesterday on a show on the learning channel. it does look painful, but its better than getting a c-section i would guess. good luck and i hope it all works out for you!


Tammy276 - February 5

like jessicaspatherapist said, they do it manually from the outside.... Its called an external aversion or something like that. It can be very painful so most times they will administer an epidural while they do it so that you don't feel anything. How far along are you? I wouldn't worry about it yet, most often babies do turn on their own.......some babies turn during labor, so even if you were scheduled for a c-section and went in to labor naturally, there is still a chance that the baby would turn on her own. Between 28 and 34 weeks, most babies start to "settle" into position.


MB - February 5

There is every chance baby will turn before then but if not, it is called a external version, they usually would do it in the OR after a epidural because it sometimes causes baby stress and if thats the case they do a c-section there and then, if everything is fine & baby is okay then they take you back to your room and you can have a normal delivery. Dont worry about it just yet you have plenty of time.


Evansmomma - February 5

Not to scare you or anything, but I am 37 weeks and my baby is breech. I am scheduled for a c section on February 16th. My doctor told me everything has to be just right in order to do an external version and still the risks are high and the chances are low of the baby actually turning. My doctor wouldn't do it on me because of the position of my placenta. Which is fine. I've come to terms with having to have a c section, plus I'm still keeping hope that he will turn before then.


misschrissie - February 5

Thanks for all the info ladies. I'm not going to worry about it because I have lots of time left. Maybe I'll just opt for a c-section if it comes to that. LOL


crystal74 - February 5

we watched a video of it in our birth preparation cla__ses and they have two dr.'s manually with there hands gently move the baby. they said it doesn't hurt but it is very uncomfortable and awkward as it looked. and there's a 50/50 chance of it working. our intructor had it done to her baby twice and both times the baby moved right back into breech position. she had to get a c-section. you got some time, so don't worry about it.


crystal74 - February 5

well at least i don't remember them saying it was painful, probably different for everyone that gets it done



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