Twinges In Vagina Stomach Aches

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Jaime - December 16

Hi all! I hope everyone's pregnancy is good. I am around 34wks, 3 days. For the past few weeks almost everytime I am walking around I get these painful twinges in my va___a. I have also had stomach aches. Not really crampy just that my stomach hurts. Does anyone have an idea what these two things have to do with each other? Thank You


AmyNS - December 16

Hi Jaime, I am 39and 1/2 weeks and I have been having the the same symptoms for almost 4 weeks now. My doc says that it is my cervix getting ready and the baby moving more into position. My cramps are more like menstral pain and the painful twinges in my v____a happen when I stand up or walk. Good luck I hope that it helps. what does your doc say?


Jaime - December 16

Thanks for your response. I have a dr. appt. in about 5 days so I will just have to wait and see.


Christine - December 17

Your body is preparing...the twinges are probably as Amy mentioned..the baby is dropping and closer to your opening...walking and standing put more pressure on it...try relaxing more..your still early to go into for the stomach ache..well they could be braxton hicks..sometimes woman dont really identify them...(early contractions)..or extra gas..again as you get further your baby is getting into position and putting more straing on other things such as your bladder and that...just try to keep off your feet more...and relax...good luck at the doctors.


Michelle - January 6

im 7 weeks pregnant and ive been having the same stomach pains for about a week now. Its there all day and i dont know how to get rid of it. When i eat i dont feel full ever, i feel like my stomach is always empty. Is this really just gas? Should i not drink milk? Please help!


Ann - March 15

I am 25 weeks and I feel twinges on my v____a but mines is not as painful. It's itchy for me. Michelle when I first started taking prenatal I felt empty all the time after meals and I use the bath room more often. I had gas problems too but I couldn't tell you what to use. I walk and drink water. I hope that helped


Jenny - March 15

You are definitely dropping!!! Good for you! Your stomach hurts because it is being shifted into a slightly different position because the baby is dropping and the twinges in your v____a are proof that your baby is dropping. Both of these are good signs and just go with them. The end is near...!



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