Tying Your Tubes Straight After Birth

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4buzybeez - December 21

Has anyone tried or thinking about tying their tubes after their labor? i want to get my tubes tie and want to do it straight after the birth. do people usually have a c- section to do this? can u do it as a public patient or do i have to go private?


jeni23 - December 21

My friend had hers tied the day after she gave birth,and she had a vag delivery,her ob that delivered her did it,let your ob know you want it done as soon as possible,if you do end up with a c sect they will tie them then,if not its soon after.


AmberNicole - December 22

I just had my dd 2 weeks ago via c-section, and I had my tubes tied at the same time.


Buffi R. - December 22

I had my daughter early in the morning on Dec. 6 by v____al birth (2nd and last baby) and had my tubes tied at 6:00 PM that night once they could fit me into the OR schedule. My only complaint was I couldn't eat or drink anything (not even ice chips) until after the surgery, and since the birth was early in the morning (6:53 AM) I hadn't eaten since the night before and I was STARVING. If I'd had a c-section, they would have done it right away. For my surgery, they made a small cut right below my belly b___ton to get to the tubes (I felt lots of tugging from each side while the doctor worked but no pain during the surgery), and I was back in my recovery room about 1-1/2 hours after they took me to the OR. I had a spinal block for anestesia and when that started wearing off, I could feel the incision pain pretty bad, and the next morning, it hurt down low and to the sides where they told me the tubes were tied. By the 3rd or 4th day, I felt completely fine. I took lots of Darvecet in the mean time for pain. About your question for going public or private, I'm not sure about that one.


luckymiranda - December 25

yes you can do it right after birth thats my plan my doctor asked my birth control plan after i give birth and i told her i was done but there are criterias like you have to be over 25 had more than one baby and your hubby has to have a consent form to approve the surgery good luck ladies


Teddyfinch - December 30

you don't have to be over 25 or have your hubby's consent. my cousin had her baby 2 days ago and not an hour after had her tubes tied. she's 23 and yeah she has 4 kids, so i'm sure that probably ok'd it lol. but she didn't ask her husband's approval. they're kind of separated right now anyway, so pretty much everything i said was not really a good argument lol



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