Tyler David Is FINALLY Here

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mamagoose - February 11

I beat the induction clock! At 41 weeks, I'd been stressing that I'd have to be induced and I would never go into labour on my own... I'd been scheduled for an induction on Feb 10th. However, on Wednesday night (Feb 7), I began having contractions, and early Thursday morning I knew it was the real thing. By Thursday afternoon, they were 5 mins apart, 1 min long, and had been that way for 2 hours, so we called and headed to the hospital... only to be checked and turned away, because I was only 3-4cm dilated! We turned around back home (1 hour drive from the hospital, which they knew and didn't care!) and by the time we got home, the contractions were so strong that I was vomitting every 20 minutes, and delirious from the pain, so dh called the hospital back and said he didn't care if I was only 3-4 cm, he was bringing me back and they were going to take me (I love him!). Back I went at 7:30pm on Thursday night (now at 24 hours of contractions!), and I'd made it to a solid 4cm dilated, but no more! How discouraging... The contractions were so strong and so long that I was completely oblivious to everything around me. The gas (nitrous/oxygen) did nothing to help me, and even a shot of morphine and gravol didn't take the edge off, but I was still not far enough dilated for an epidural. My Dr. came in and checked me out, saw the state I was in and broke my water to speed up dilation. He also said he'd get the anaesthesiologist to give me the epi anyway, at 1AM on Friday morning, now that he'd broken my waters (bless the man!) After the epidural, my life took a 180 degree turn for the better! It was like I was brought back to life... I slept until about 4AM, and they came and checked me and said I was fully dialated, but baby was a little high, so I sat up and did some light bearing down to bring baby to +1 station. At 5AM I was ready to push, and they turned down the epidural drugs. Pushing...... I never expected it to be like that. For any first time moms, I think the thing I would tell you would be just to make sure you give it 100% with every push, because delivery is no guts, no glory! Anyway, after 2 hours of marathon pushing, I gave birth to my little boy at 7:03 AM on Friday, February 9th, 9 days after his due date (and 36 hours of labour)! He weighed 8 lbs 10 oz, 20 inches long, but most noticable was his 15 inch (37.5 cm) head circ_mference, whew! He has beautiful bright blue eyes and soft light blonde hair, so he reminds me of a little duckling! He also has a voracious appet_te, so I gotta cut this short, because someone's gonna want his 4th lunch soon! Good luck to everyone still expecting!


lilnikki_0384 - February 11

congratulations!!! I am 41 weeks and hope I don't have to be induced. If I don't have baby by thursday, then we discuss date for inducing probably the weekend. Wish me luck. Any advice on bringing labor on? S_x is not an option :( Again good luck with new baby!!!!


Lala - February 11

CONGRATS and way to go!!!! I was so happy to beat the induction clock too. And I agree about the pushing. For me it was the hardest and most painful part! I didn't expect that as most women say that pushing felt like a relief from the pain. Take care!


NICOLE - February 11

congrats to you


DDT - February 12

Congrats on your little boy mamagoose!! I'm so happy that you went into labour on your own (albeit is was a LONG one!) because I know that you weren't looking forward to being induced. Enjoy him!! I hope my little boy doesn't keep me waiting as long as yours did...


disneymommy79 - February 12

Congrads :)


mary b - February 12

Mamma-i'm so happy for you congrats!!! I


excited2bemama - February 12

Thanks for sharing your birth story.. glad to hear that everything went well.


HEATHER - February 12

Im so happy for you!! I was wondering how you were doing! wow that is one heck of a long labor and pushing!!!


mamagoose - February 13

Thanks everyone! It was a long, tiring labour, but all worth it of course. My life has become a constant cycle of b___stfeeding and diaper changing, but Tyler is so great and dh has really exceeded my expectations with how helpful he's been. I didn't do anything to bring labour on... I was just watching TV one night, and noticed that my b-h contractions suddenly weren't so b-h anymore!



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