Ugh Stupid Belly Button

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jennifer_33106 - February 17

I am 39 weeks 2 days and I have this pain in my belly button. If I stand too quick or after I go pee it hurts. It is like a pulling down sensation that hurts like h__l and makes me sad. haha I know for a fact I do not have an UTI or another infection. I got checked yesterday at L&D and urine and blood tests came back normal. Does anyone else have this, this late in the game? I couldnt find it anywhere and she has been slowly dropping. Do you think it is her pressing down?


jujulbee98 - February 17

I am 33 weeks and have had that feeling for several months now. Ive asked my dr several times and appearently its nothing. To me it almost feels like baby is trying to pull my belly b___ton inside out! Not too comphy! Ive tried everything i can think of for months now and what seems to work for me (when possible) is to get on all fours on the floor for a few seconds and then get up and go potty lol. I am so tired of my belly b___ton feeling like its being ripped off that i dont care how stupid i look when im at home!! It works for me so maybe its worth a shot! Hope you feel better!


jennifer_33106 - February 17

Thanks! Yeah that is what it feels like. It sorta freezes me when it happens. haha I dont wanna move cuz it will keep hurting. haha So maybe it is the baby then... I feel you though. It is a horrible feeling. I am going to try that and I will let you know if it works for me. haha Hey and if it helps then I dont care if I look like a dumba__s. Ill do it. haha Thanks.


cynnababy - February 18

I have this since I was about 30 weeks pregnant. I asked my OB, and she said it's just belly stretching out, and since there's a lot of nerves around there, it hurts.


jennifer_33106 - February 18

Thanks cynnababy! I havent really had a hard time with a sore tummy from the nerves. My problem has been it being numb. haha Maybe its making up for lost time. That is horrible though that you guys have had it so long! I was reading on it yesterday trying to find something. A hernia was something I came across. I dont see how that could happen though. Thanks again and glad to know I am not the only one.


ACG - February 18

I read there's a vestigial ligament that connects your belly b___ton to your uterus (or maybe it's your bladder??) Either way, it's a remanent from when you were in utero. Apparently, it stretches along with everything else when you get big and pregnant and commonly hurts.



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