Ugly Legs

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web - August 15

My legs have gotten so ugly. My thighs have cellulite. They didn't before I was pregnant. Will this improve after I have the baby? I can't even stand to wear shorts and it is so hot. I am really short so I have stocky legs. It's gross. I have gained 35 lbs and am 37 weeks along so it's not like I have gained 70 lbs or anything.


S. - August 15

it should be only temporary. I have the same thing and so did my friend when she was pregnant. she recently delivered and all the water weight and cellulite from the extra water in her legs is gone now.I am also short and have gained abt. the same as you have, (im 34 weeks) so I can relate. Ive had the water-cellulite for months, its hard to remember what my legs looked like before ! My friend who had her baby said she peed rivers for 3 days after the baby was born cause she had retained so much water.. then her legs improved back to normal. shes a little skinny thing too, and short also. and Ive seen her legs recently, she looks great.


Lindsay - August 15

Web- I feel you dearly! I am 35+ weeks and my legs are the same way! I have only gained 37 lbs...pre-pregnancy I only weighed 105 lbs. I know I am not fat but I am short also ...only 5'4 and so my legs also are stocky! I feel you girl! Everyone keeps telling me I'll lose it all, esp. since I'm b___stfeeding...I hope so!


miranda - August 15

If you have a lot of water retention, which it sounds like you do, you will be amazed how it melts away after the baby is born. You feel like a different person in a few weeks.


Nick - August 15

I have always had nice legs and still do from the knee down(no swelling), but now I have cellulite on my thighs! I hope that goes away afterwards. I want to be able to wear short shorts again.


miranda -to Lindsay - August 16

Hey Lindsay - just wanted to let you know so you aren't disappointed, some women respond differently to b___stfeeding then others. I did lose all the swelling immediately, but when my daughter was around 4 months old (and taking the most milk) my body sort of went into this "store fat" mode for a couple months. On the other hand, I have friends who just seemed to burn away every ounce of fat on their body while they b___stfed. (Usually the ones who were already skinny to begin with!) Just wanted you to be prepared for however your body may respond to b___stfeeding.


Louise - August 16

I am so glad to read this post and see that I am not the only one! I am 37 weeks and have gained 39 lbs. The cellulite on my thighs is SO BAD and it goes down to my knees in the front and the back. I also haven't worn shorts the whole pregnancy. I am 5'10 and was average thin before the pregnancy. I did not know the cellulite had anything to with the pregnancy and thought it was just the was my body dealt with all this extra weight. I sure hope the b___stfeeding does help get rid of it, (besides going back to exercising which I gave up months ago).



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