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hawaii13 - October 1

I am 33 weeks with baby girl number 4. i was just wondering if anyone was told the s_x of their baby was gonna be a girl and then when you gave birth it was a boy? People talk about the 3 lines/dots theory.. but in all of our ultrasounds we only seen 2 lines.


Pearl - October 1

I am 35 weeks with my 3rd (my second boy). I clearly saw a p___s and t______es in the ultrasound (at 21 weeks), so I have no idea what the line dot thing is. We video taped the ultrasound to show our families. They all picked up on it immediately. Without a doubt, mine is another boy. Sorry I can't be more help. Did they not give you a clear view from underneath the baby?


sarah21 - October 1

Actually, a lady I work with had it happen to her son and daughter-in-law. They were told it was a girl and it was a boy and they had ALL pink stuff. It happens more that it is diagnosed a girl and turns out to be a boy than the other way around. It is easier for a boy to hide a package than for a girl to appear to have one and then lose it.


alirenee86 - October 1

I don't know what the lines/dots mean, but I work with a girl who was told she was having a girl the ENTIRE time and not until she gave birth did she know she had a boy. I honeslty don't know how doctor's mess that up...I'm having a boy and there was just NO mistaking that!! I guess their legs are really crossed sometimes!!


alirenee86 - October 1

lol...a 'package'. So funny to hear it as that for a fetus!!


denimb__terfly - October 1

I was told at 20 weeks by a doctor of over 30 years that my baby was 98% sure a girl. He even counted out the lines- well a few weeks later we found out 100% he was a boy at a 3d ultrasound. So, it does happen :-)


January - October 1

11yrs ago with my son I was told he was a girl... he's in fact a boy.


jazminesmom - October 1

well my cousin when she was pregnant with her oldest was told she was have a boy and got a bunch of boy stuff, and ended up haveing a girl.


denimb__terfly - October 1

oh, and I have heard of it happening a lot back in the day and was told that it does not happen as often. Did I mention this was in May of THIS year that I was told my baby was 98% sure a girl and then found out it was 100% boy!!


Buffi R. - October 1

I know of two separate couples who were told they were having girls and found out they had boys. The more recent one was a singleton, and she had four ultrasounds that all indicated it was a girl. The other one would have been about ten years ago. Twin girls turned out to be twin boys. They were wrong on both babies! I have a 5yo son and his gender was obvious on the U/S and my future baby is supposed to be a girl. I'm almost 28 weeks, and in my first U/S at around 20 weeks, all you could really see were the outer labia, so that looked like two lines. I just had another U/S today and I saw a more defined labia that looked more like a hot dog bun (sorry for the weird comparison), and for a brief second, I saw a third, very solid white line down the middle. The line was slightly longer on both ends than the outer labia.



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