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Sarah - November 9

On the 6th of October I had an ultrasound, and on the 26th was my doc appointment. When I went to the doc appt. he told me that there was something that needs to be checked by another ultrasound *Nov. 23*. I am SO AFRAID because I was not told if it was with me or the baby or where it even was! When I asked the doc to explain it he said that he couldn't because I was too hard to explain. All he said was that it was VERY VERY VERY rare... like that helped any. Please help, I need some advice, I am almost scared to see if they find anything wrong. I am almost scared for this next scan.


Sarah - November 9

oh.. and I am 29 weeks.


Melissa - November 9

I can't believe he wouldn't even let you know what it was regarding - and to make you wait so long for the next scan?! Maybe that is a sign that it is not very serious? Otherwise, wouldn't they do a scan immediately? I would be furious and demand to know what is going on! I can't believe they are just leaving you in the dark like that! Keep us posted if you hear something! *Hugs*


kris A. - November 9

Call your doctor back and explain you are extremely stressed and NEED to have your situation explained to you. It is completely irresponsible of him to scare you and expect you to wait, in obvious fear, for another month without an inkling of what the fear is based on. I had a subchorionic hemorraghe and placenta previa, and they didn't order a scan to determine the cause of my excess bleeding for the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy until I DEMANDED they help me understand why I was bleeding so much. Once I understood the problem, and the risks, it was easier to deal with. Everything resolved with my pregnancy and I am now 38 1/2 weeks - It is unhealthy for you to be anxious for another 2 weeks waiting for the scan. Shame on him!


Sarah - November 9

The other thing I hate is, I live in a smaller town of about 6000 people and we are short of doctors as it is. It takes about 2 months just to get one, and even then they over book. I hate the wait. Thank you so much for you posts, they did indeed help me a bit. I never thoguht of it as it not being so important to get me in asap. I will let you know about further appointments.


bump - November 15



Sam - November 15

Two words: second opinion.


Kaeli - November 16

Ok, I would be really mad if my doc did that to me and quite honestly, I wouldnt have left that exam room until I knew what the hell he was talking about. I would call your doc and let him know that this is causing you stress. If he still wont tell you... I like what Sam said... Second Opinion!!


Sarah - November 16

Thanks for your advice ladies. I go for the doc appointment in just about 2 weeks and the ultrasound in about a week. I am still so frusterated. This town sucks for doctors becasue they are short staffed. Thanks again.


angela - November 17

sarah - call your doctor and demand that he explain exactly why he thinks you need another ultrasound. It's condescending for him to treat you like a child and not share this information with you - it's YOUR body. If he "can't" explain because it's too complicated then you might want to think about finding a more competent doctor.



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