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babystar - February 10

im in my third trimester and i had a ultrasound done on the first and it was to comfirm the pregnancy how long can it take a doctor to get in touch with you afterwards.its a clinic and they act like they dont want to be bothered.


Tammy276 - February 10

You had a u/s done on the first of February???? And it was to confirm the pregnancy and you are in your third trimester already? That doesn't make any sense. What do you mean they act like they don't want to be bothered? If you have a u/s done, chances are they will discuss it with you at your next appointment.


kerryv - February 10

you are in your 3rd trimester and they are just now doing a ultrasound to confirm pregnancy?! i am confused. also, you were there at the ultrasound, you should have been able to see your baby and the tech could give you information as well. what are you waiting to hear from the doctor? they usually go over the results at your next appt.


babystar - February 10

i have polcycistic ovaries and the doctor said that if i ever get pregnant that it wouldnt show. i have been pregnant before and never found out until i got 6 months and loss the baby.they took blood and urine nothing showed so they decided to do a pelvic ultrasound to see if im pregnant or not but when i went for the ultrasound they lady that was doing the thing she said that i couldnt see it and turned the screen before she statred the test.after the test she said she couldnt disclose any information and the doctor or someone will contact me but so far no one has called or wrote thats why i asked the question.i am going to make a appointment monday to see whats going on.so can anyone see where im coming from


Jadejewels - February 10

Yeah I'd be a nervous wreck. I would call them tomorrow. I wouldn't be able to wait on that kind of info. I have never even heard of polcycistic ovaries. Sorry for how you must be feeling.....


aliciavr6 - February 11

When you have polycyctic ovary syndrome, your have irregular (or none at all) periods and also it can limit your weight gain during pregnancy like babystar said and affects your hormone levels, etc. Babystar - I'd definitely give the clinic a call to try to find out more information, I'd be a nervous wreck! How did you know that you might be pregnant? Maybe you could find/rent a doppler machine and see if you can locate a heartbeat if the clinic won't give you info, you should be able to find it very easily.



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