Ultrasound After 20 Weeks

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Flake - October 28

Hi ladies, I went in for my 7 month check up at my Dr.'s office yesterday and he told me there will not be any ultrasound until 1 week before my due day. The last ultrasound I had was around 20 weeks, and I'm feeling a little uneasy not being able to see how well my baby is doing. Is it normal to not to have any scan between 20 week and 39 weeks if there is no complication?


kaitlin - October 28

My doctor said the same thing. She said they won't order one unless there is an issue with the health or well-being of the baby or myself. It's really frustrating, because off the bat, you get a couple and you're expecting that to continue, and for the last half of your pregnancy, nothing!! I'm feeling the same way you are - uneasy and out of touch with the baby.


Stefanie - October 28

I guess that is normal cause my doctor said no more for me either unless they thought something was wrong, which really does suck waiting the whole second half of the pregnancy with no more little pictures, they should be required to give at least one every trimester.


Beth - October 28

I had one at 16 weeks, and I don't get another one unless something goes wrong, and my baby's umbilical cord was between it's legs so now I don't get to know the s_x either.


GD - October 28

Same here, i have just been transfered to the obstetrician that will deliver the baby as i was seeing my family doctor first ant she told me the exact same thing. Unless there is a problem then another ultrasound will be done otherwise nothing till the baby is born. I am trying not to let it bother me since the last one was at 22 weeks and i am already 31 weeks and thinking what if a problem developed from that time till now and i don't know about it.. i guess we must trust God and be positive that everything will be OK.


nicole - October 28

If you are really uneasy about this and want ti see your baby, you can go to a 3-D place and have one done. You have to pay and the 3-D can run close to 200 but they also offer regular 2-D and it is closer to 75 dollars. I had both of them done and they will allow up to two extra visits so you can get the info you want. I loved it.


kaitlin - October 28

are there any risks in doing too many ultrasounds?


nicole - October 28

I did some research before I did mine and found really no evidence saying there was. The 3 and 4-D ultra sounds emit the same amount of rays as the 2-D. Think of women who have high risk pregnancies and they have to be checked all the time. I loved getting to see my little girl a couple extra times.


Jen - October 28

The ultrasounds they do early in pregnancy are to check the health of your baby. Make sure they are medically ok, getting to know the s_x is a bonus. So there is no reason to do later term ultrasounds unless there is a problem. Like others have said you can pay for a 3d ultrasound which is so worth it!! Be happy baby is ok and no extra ultrasound is needed.


LN - October 29

I had one at 20 weeks and doubt I will have anymore. My insurance only pays for 1 unless it is medically necessary to have another. Jen is right, there is no reason to have another one if nothing is wrong. An old friend of mine had 5 u/s when she was pregnant with her first baby. She was on state a__sistance since she had no job. I remember getting so mad b/c I and the rest of Georgia were pretty much paying for her to get all of those done and here I am with my own ins. (which is actually a great company) who will only let me get one. But I will say that i much rather have just one and be the ins company i am with than to be on state a__sistance having other people paying for me.



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