Ultrasound Determined Wrong Sex

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1Sttimemomy - June 14

has anyone been told the wrong s_x for their baby or had them change it for each visit?how common is this?


Athom - June 15

I didnt want to know with either of my pregnancys... but a good friend of mine had alot of complications so she ended up having like 12 ultrasounds.. and they kept telling her a girl. In the delievery room they did one last ultrasound and seen it was a boy... they had to have someone run out and get boy stuff cause all they had was girl. Good luck! :)


mommie2be - June 15

I personally have not, but a good friend was advised incorrectly on both of her boys- both were different doctors. Several women I attend church with have also had this happen. I don't know the statistic frequency, but in my circle of friends- I was surprised about how many were effected.


EricaG - June 15

I know several women who were told the wrong gender on a bunch of ultrasounds. As a reult I have registered for neutral large items. The pink clothes and stuff I will not take the tags off of until she is born.


Nita_ - June 15

I was told we were having a girl, but few friends have commented looking at my tummy that I was looking like I was carrying a boy!! So started having my doubts....All I have are pink clothes for her, few sets have been washed since I needed to have that done before baby comes home. But luckily we ended up with neutral colored bedding and neutral wall paint, so if it's a truly a boy, I'll just have to buy new outfits thats all. :) Hope none of yours turn out to be a different gender than what you are expecting though!


Atarahsmommy - June 15

I too have heard MANY stories from friends and family of being told the wrong gender, so I am also being careful about takin gtags off things, but I am pretty confident that mine is a girl because I was sure she was a girl long before I went in for the u/s. hopefully my instincts are right


starr - June 15

With my first 2 babies they weren't able to tell me what I was having.I ended up with 2 boys.So of course I hoped and prayed that this last one would be a girl and kind of always felt that it was b/c of the horrible sickness.U/S shows that it's a girl,but I sometimes am fearful that they were wrong now that I have a closet full of nothing but pink everything.That would be a nice surprise.Not sure how common it is for them to be wrong though.


olivia - June 15

My next door neighbor was told she was having a little girl. When they delivered him and said "it's a boy" all she could respond was "no it's not". She had a little girl a year later so it all worked out. To Nita-- I carried my girl right out in front (all belly). So don't worry too much -- those things don't mean much in the end.



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