Ultrasound Gender Female Lines Dots Were They Right

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Rachel.R - November 7

Hey, I was just wondering.. all you ladies out there.. when you found out what s_x you were having.. If you were told it was a girl and the ultrasound tech saw 3 white Lines/dots.. Were any of you surprised when there baby was born, that it was actually a boy?? Im really worried that My daughter will turn out to be a boy.. Any help would be GREAT.. thanks heaps.


Lauren - November 7

I am 36 weeks and they say im having a girl-no doubt, but i am so scared that she will pop out a he. when i look at the ultrasound pic, i do see 2 lines but not necessarily the 3 people talk about. i hope to god they are right though


Rachel.R - November 7

Yeah. The ultrasound tech at my 19 week told me im having a girl cause he saw 3 white dots. Then I had to have another ultrasound at 21 weeks, and that ultrasound tech told me Im having a girl. Then I found a website that said 3 lines(or dots) is a very valid and accurate indication of a girl. But It has been running through my head ALOT lately. Cause my very big family have been waiting 14 years for a girl, and all my cousins, have had 7 boys, so this one is BIG to us, I really dont want to disappoint them if she pops out as a he. Im 30 weeks, so I have a while to worry, although I have my 30 week ultrasound tomorrow, I guess I can ask again.. Thanks for listenin to me ramble on.


Steph - November 8

I am 37 1/2 weeks and told at 21 weeks ultrasound that we were having a girl also because of the dots and lines. We also ended up having to get an amnio that same day and that came back confirming that it was a girl also, so I would go with what you tech has told you - they were right on the money with us. Good Luck.


Erin - November 8

Unfortunatly I have heard at least 2-3 stories of how the ultrasound technician "thought" it was one s_x and it turned out to be the other--there is absolutley no guarantee (although sometimes you CAN see clearer than other times). I have been told not to paint anything pink or buy too much clothing just in case, you never know! Also I can not imagine having a dissappointed feeling when the baby is born just because they aren't the s_x I thought they would be. How sad for the baby, don't you think?


Lena - November 8

I've never heard about the 3 dot/line thing. I had mine done at 20 weeks, and we could clearly see it was a girl. The tech didn't even have to say a word. My doctor also said they were a 100 percent sure it was a girl. What do the 3 dots look like? What about the 3D ultrasound, I heard it showes everything exactly how it is, has anyone had that done?


Rachel.R - November 8

Iv got my 30 week ultrasound today.. wish me luck, im gonna ask the tech again about the s_x. If she pulls out the 3D ultrasound thing, like they usually do, im gonna ask if they can have a look. Lena, if you want to go to this site http://pregnancy.about.com/cs/ultrasounds/l/blultragender.htm it has pictures of the gender, including what a 3D one of the gender looks like. I hope i helped. and thanks for all your replies, its good.


kate - November 20

Lena - the three white lines, or dots, are the lines of the two labia and the v____al opening area. Like this: ||| though a fuzzy white color. With our daughter we could tell even without the tech saying anything, because the lines were so obvious. With our son (still unborn) it's the same...we clearly saw his personal parts! A coworker of mine however was told he and his wife were having a girl - they named her Megan-Marie and got all pink at the baby shower, and foudn themselves bringing a boy into the world instead! Talk about a shocker!!!


Lena - November 20

Oh no about your friend. Same thing here, I've been worried about it. Everyone has "horror" stories about it being an opposite s_x from what they thought. We got a room ready for our baby girl, and I just don't want to be surprised like that...lol.


Rachel.R - November 20

I know, thats what im totally scared about.. But i had my 30 week ultrasound 2 weeks ago, and the tech asked me whether I knew what I was having, I told her yeh, i had been told a girl, and she told me thats what she thinks too(cause there never 100% right) So iv been told by 3 different ultrasound techs that its a girl at 3 different ultrasounds... so what are the odds of them stuffing up ?


to Rachel - November 22

Well, I'll tell ya... my ultrasound quite clearly showed little boy parts at only 18 weeks. So if you're in the 3rd tri & don't see a little s____m, I'd think it's a girl. Good luck!


jb - November 22

I am so worried about that too. I was told 80% the baby is a girl when i was 22 weeks. We have the nursery all done and a TON of clothes that family has given to us or bought us. I will be pleased either way to have a healthy baby, but I am mentall prepared for a girl. They say they saw the 3 white lines, and i heard its the most accurate way to identify that its a girl. I didnt really see them until the tech pointed them out. They are very small and fuzzy white color. I hope the ultrasound is right for everyone!!!!!


Jennifer - November 22

I agree with Rachel, You can very clearly see the s____m on a boy, due to it being swollen because of the mother's hormones it looks huge! If you don't see that I would feel safe that the baby was a girl.


Emy - November 23

I went in for my u/s at 20 weeks and could barely tell what anything was (head, legs, etc.) EXCEPT for the private parts. Her v____a was very clear to me. Then, when I went home and looked at the pictures I saw the 3 lines. When I saw my doctor and asked about how reliable the tech was to say a girl, she told me that they usually don't tell you they are sure unless they are REALLY sure. So, I would trust the tech. Sure, there are mistakes that can happen, but I think you can be pretty confident. Mistakes are not as common as people think they are. You might hear stories here or there, but for the most part babies are born the s_x they were expected to.


Amy - November 23

Hi ladies this is my 4th pg and with all the others we never seen nothing or no tech ever pointed anything out but my first she said girl but then said maybe i shoundn't say anything and she was a girl then #2 said it was a girl and it was a BOY and #3 it didn't matter to us so i don't even rembember if they said either way but with #4 we seen the BOY parts so i know for sure it's a Boy we are off to colorado springs co i hope you all have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and enjoy the food i will :)


Caroline Paul - December 5

I have 3 girls and all 3 ultrasounds were correct. I had them at about week 18-20 for each. Now I had an ultrasound at 16 weeks, and it's supposed to be a boy! I hope they're correct on this one, too!


yasmina - December 6

I am having a girl and was showed the white dots. I was very nervous and had nightmares of it being a boy, not that I wouldn't be happy. I have a boy, but I have everything ready for her. I just did another ultrasound 2 weeks before my due date and it is a girl. I craved sweets the whole pregnancy and carrying her is very different than carrying my son. Just keep the tags on everything if worried, that way you can exchange for boy clothes. But if you have signs of it being a girl, I wouldn't worry. Good Luck.



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