Ultrasound Said Wrong Sex

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1Sttimemomy - April 17

has anyone had u/s tell them the wrong s_x of the baby and has anyone had there u/s say different s_x each time how common is this


Alycia - April 17

I have no idea how common this is, but my ex-boyfriend's sister was told twice she was having a boy and she had a little girl.


Mindi - April 17

I have had two ultrasounds, one by a doctor and one by a technician, and they have both said I'm having a boy, no question about it. If you are worried, you should get that 3D or 4D ultrasound done. You can see exactly what your baby will look like and it should be clear as to what you are having. Good luck!


1Sttimemomy - April 17

i had my u/s last week 19wks and my baby is breach so it is harder to see the s_x of baby she said it looks like a little boy i have a gut feeling she is wrong i keep having dreams about a baby girl and i have a friend that was told her whole pregnancy that she was having a boy and the u/s doc.said she had a large little p___s when she was born they said it's a girl the dad almost jumped on top of the mom and said it's a miracle so that is what they named her i feel wrong when i tell people i am having a boy because i know in my heart i am having a girl sorry if i sound crazy but thoose of you who have intuition about thing and are usually wright understand


meme - April 17

I don't know how common it is, but I, my partner, and the sonographer all saw little b___s on the screen, so pretty sure.


AmandaManns - April 17

Well I know when I had my ultrasound done at 22 weeks that there was NO DOUBT it was a boy. There was no mistaking that AT ALL. But my friend had a little girl and her ultrasound was a little harder to read. But there was definitely something there in my ultrasound and definitely not something there in hers.


mandydiod - April 17

We found out the s_x with our daughter, but i just could not belive it until she was born, so I didn't buy too much pinck just in case it was wrong (they said they were 99% sure at the time I think they are not aloud to say 100%. Said no this time round, I allready have one of each so this is a bonus to our family


Corrine321 - April 17

Well when I had my u/s he said its definitaly a girl becuase they look for 3 lines and if theres not 3 lines then its most likely a boy! but on mine thee were 3 lines! so im having a girl! and im pretty positive that it is!


1Sttimemomy - April 17

congratulations to you corrine on your news hope everthing goes well with pregnancy


Tess - April 17

So far Ive had 4 u/s already w/ this pregnancy and during my 32 wks u/s its definitely a girl....The tech showed us "the labia". So yeah....Not sure though how common an u/s would say a wrong gender/s_x.


sphinxminx - April 18

when I went to my last doctors appointment I met a lady who asked me the s_x I told her they weren't able to tell because the baby is breech. She said thats okay my last 2 U/S they told me I was having a girl, turned out I had a boy. Truth be told 4 U/S and this little one is still refusing to let us know guess it's fate.


Nita_ - April 18

This is our first and at the 20th week u/s, the tech showed us the u/s and both of us could see it was a girl before the tech pointed out on the screen. Don't know about the 3 lines...plus the tech was sure too. Although when I mention I'm having a girl, a few people have asked me, are you sure? sometimes those things could be wrong, so now I'm doubtful...although we are still going ahead with the lavendar theme in her room and pink dresses etc. Of course it would be shocking if it turned out to be a boy so we are going to keep all the receipts just in case!!


1Sttimemomy - April 18

i hope everyone has a happy pregnancy and that all of your babies are healthy have a good day


ReneeM - April 18

With my US, it was very obvious I was having a boy, the tech was positive of it too, she got a perfect shot of his little bottom. Also, even though it was not a 3d or 4d the quaility is very clear. I guess maybe if it was a blurred picture or not as good of quaility, or the baby was not in the right position it would be hard to tell for sure.


1Sttimemomy - April 18

nita when do you get your next ultrasound?do you feel like she is wrong ?were you hoping for a girl or boy? i hope everything works out with your pregnancy and you have a healthy boy .i went to the store yesterday and went to buy little boy clothes and i could not take my eyes off little girl clothes i bought a cute baby book that is for a girl or a boy


1Sttimemomy - April 18

i didn't write that correct i meant i hope you have a healthy baby girl or boy i am scattered brain so sorry


meg77 - April 19

I don't know anyone personally who had an incorrect u/s. You always hear a friend of a frined was told they were having X but had Y. The delivery nurse told me that she's seen inaccurate u/s only 5 times in the past year, I don't think it's common.



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