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~S~ - June 3

How many ultrasounds have you had so far? I'm almost in the third trimester and I've only had 2 ultrasounds. The first one was when I was 8 weeks to confirm my pregnancy and because I was cramping and bleeding. The second one was when I was 18 weeks. I'm now 27 weeks and I asked my Dr when my next ultrasound might be. She told me that she won't schedule another one unless she can't figure out the position of my baby. Is this okay? I thought they would do another one further along into the pregnancy? How are they supposed to know that the baby is okay? I'm a bit irritated and I can't stop worrying about my baby's growth and health, until I get to see it and get a confirmation from the doctor that the ultrasound came out good. I also want to find out what my baby is, but my doctor told me that the ultrasound doctors won't tell me anyways. This makes me a bit sad.


Christina - June 3

Hey, I have only had one so far and it sucks!! I had it at 18 weeks and now 28 weeks. I thought they did one at 36 weeks, but I guess I could be wrong. I am going to ask my doctor at my next visit if I will have another one or now. That is very strange that they won't tell you what you are having!! They told me at me 18 week ultrasound!!


anne - June 3

i actually avoided getting one. my midwife agreed that unless there was a problem i didn't need one. you should be able to request another one from your doc if you really want one. your insurance should cover it.


Jenn - June 3

I have one every month, thats only because I am a diabetic, so be glad that your doctor believes that your pregnancy is completely fine. As far as I know the Ultrasound people are techs and they will tell you what you are having if you want to know. I would request one again, and don't back down from the doctor.


Tan - June 3

I am almost 32 weeks and have only had one at 20 weeks. They are going to do another one in a few weeks but only because the little monkey is breach so they want to see how exactly he is positioned!


Beth - June 3

I have had two, one at 5 weeks to confirm my pregnancy and another at 24 weeks because my dr waits until 24-28 weeks to tell you the s_x of the baby and when I went in on my 24 week I told him I wanted to know.


~S~ - June 3

Well, my Dr was the one who said that that ultrasound tech's wouldn't tell me what I was having, but I know she's wrong because at my 18 week ultrasound we asked and they were going to tell us. The only reason why they didn't tell us was because the little booger wouldn't uncross his/her legs and because I just started my 18week that day, they felt it was a tad bit too early. They were afraid of giving me a wrong prediction. Anyways...I hope she schedules another one, I already tried asking and she already declined it. Should I ask again? what the heck should I say?


tara - June 3

I have had 3 so far, 1 to confirm the pregnancy was going alright at 8 weeks; one at 19 weeks which is standard here and one at 30 weeks becuase my placenta was too low in the 19 week one and they needed to make sure it has moved up. But if it wasn't for the placenta issue I would have had only 2! around here it's standard to have 1 ultrasound around 18-20 weeks and that's it unless there are issues. I don't want to say this...but if you really want to go for another one you can pretend to be cramping or something and she might agree for you to go to another one. or to can rent a doppler and use that to hear the heart beat...it's a great way to ease your mind about how your baby is doing.


monica - June 3

where I am from they only do one at 20 weeks if you have a normal pregnancy. High risk is a different story. But they it at 20 weeks to rule out anomalies. They finding out the s_x part is just for fun... but they will not dedicate a lot of time trying to confirm it.


ES - June 3

I have not had one since 21 weeks and I will not be given another. I would not worry. It is normal to have only 1 and I suspect your insurance would not cover another unless the doctor stated it was medically necessary.


shelly - June 3

hi, i'm 30 weeks pregnant and i have had 4 ultrasounds and thats only because i requested them.I told my docter that i would feel a lot better if i would get to see my baby, then i wanted to know the s_x of the baby but it was very hard to see(my doctor was leaning towards a girl) so we did an other to find out for sure and it is a boy and then we did another one yesterday and im sure i will persuade her in one or two more as im getting closer to my due date. I can only advice you to talk to your ob and let him|her know you are anxious to see your baby! Good luck!!!!!!!


ES - June 3

What if all these ultrasounds harm the baby. We all think they are totally safe and I too believe they are safe but I am in favor of limiting the number of wave that go into my baby. Oh heck maybe I am paranoid.


rachel - June 5

I had only one at 20 weeks. I am going to have another one done this week (30 weeks) just because I am 'large to date'. I wish i could have had more done too. I would have loved getting a 3-D ultrasound done :(


monica - June 6

Does anyone have this fear. My last u/s was whe I was 20 weeks now I am 32 weeks.... but I sometimes think how do I know baby is still OK. I wish they would give me another u/s just to make sure everything is going fine. 12 weeks is a long time since last u/s anything could happen.


brianna - June 6

well i am 30 weeks and i have only had two, the first one when i was 13 wks, and for the second one i had to pay to do a 3d one and i did it when i was 21 wks, i found out it was a boy too


jenni - June 7

well i have had about 10 u/s i have a high risk pregnancy and they have been giving me u/s about every 2 weeks. im 31 weeks now and who knows how many more i will have


nn - June 7

well i have had 2 u/s so far one at 8 weeks, 1 at 20 weeks to determine the s_x and i will have another one tommorrow because he is measuring smaller than how many weeks i am. i am 36 weeks now. Also i read that a lot of doctors try not to give a lot of ultrasound unless you are high risk because they may contribute to ear infections after the baby is born. I think you should discuss this with your doctor again and insurance will pay for every u/s except 3D or 4D u/s



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